Office Employee Onboarding Ideas to Use in 2022

Posted June 5, 2022
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Office Employee Onboarding Ideas to Use in 2022

Congratulations, you’ve got a new hire! Help make your new employee feel comfortable because, let’s face it, being the “new one” at work can sometimes be an awkward experience. Fortunately, onboarding integrates the new member into the team, whether they’re working remotely or in person.

Make the workplace fun and retain your new hire; sometimes, it really is that easy. Keep reading to discover office employee onboarding ideas you can use in 2022.

  1. Office In-house Tours

One of the best ways to get new employees familiar with their new work environment and colleagues is to give them a proper in-house office tour. We recommend having a team member show the new employee around, which can help the new staff member feel comfortable, start conversations, and create a chance for bonding. Since many new hires may feel shy, be sure to show them essential places such as the restroom, water cooler, kitchen, and how to use the coffee machine!

  1. Create a Team Onboarding Welcome Card

Creating a team onboarding welcome card is an excellent way to show team unity. Have every team member write something on the card, sign their name, and which department they work in; this helps the new hire become familiar with the team. You can include thoughtful content such as welcome notes, thoughts of encouragement, positive quotes, or throw in a joke or two.

  1. Team-Building Games 

Team-building games are a lot of fun for new and tenured team members. You can try a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt, like Geoventure. Geoventure is an outdoor team-building game where teams combine to comb the wilderness (or city) to find a missing treasure. It’s a great way to get the new hires acclimated with their new team as they

strategize and use their creative skills and physical might to unravel the mystery of the missing object.

  1. Sharing a Meal

A meal-sharing event is one of the most timeless onboarding activities. Sharing a meal promotes empathy, unites team members, creates conversations, and can help reduce shyness. It’s also a fantastic way to promote a sense of belonging. Some meal-sharing ideas include:

  • Going to a restaurant
  • Having an office potluck or catered event
  • Organize and host a cooking event where employees try their hand at cooking recipes and then sample the cooked meals.
  1. Welcome Gift
    A welcome gift is a fun way to welcome a new employee. You can place goodies on their desk if they’re working in person, like chocolates, gourmet cheese baskets, wine, etc. Welcome gifts can also be amazing social media posts. Who hasn’t been on LinkedIn and seen people post about how great their new job is, a gift basket in hand?

And for those working remotely, you can always send the new hire virtual gift cards via their work email. Imagine how happy your new employee will be when they open their new hire email and see a digital gift card for Target, Starbucks, or other fun shopping experiences. Of course, you can also mail them goodies to accompany their shipped work laptop.

Make Work Fun

Team building games are a sure-fire way to elevate, motivate, and inspire everyone at work. AdVenture Games wants to work with you to keep your teams and leaders conversing and succeeding. We love what we do and look forward to bringing our inspiring team-building activities to your organization. Request a quote or call us at (866)587-2125 or (760)444-0515.