The Halloween Office Party: How to make it Memorable

Posted October 18, 2019

Planning a Halloween party at work? Don’t let the thought of planning a memorable Halloween office party scare you. Yes, getting the office into the Halloween spirit means more than just filling up bowls with candy corn (though no one is complaining about that!) and putting up a few skeleton decorations. We have some tips to help you plan a Halloween party that will have the office talking about it until next year! 

There’s no doubt that a fun office party has a way of bringing employees together. You can plan a Halloween party that involves everyone in the office, from upper management to the warehouse crew. The office Halloween party is typically the start of the fall and winter party season. So, read up on how you can transform any office setting into a Halloween-themed environment that puts everyone in a festive mood.


Tips to have the best Halloween Party and Office Atmosphere

Form a planning committee. Just because you’re the event planner, it doesn’t mean you have to do all the work. There are probably co-workers with a knack for planning parties. You can always send out an email asking for help. A team effort may just lead to the most fabulous Halloween office party ever!


Costume contest. Let’s face it. Halloween is the one time of the year when we can get dressed up in silly costumes and come to work. This can also be a time for co-workers that don’t usually see others to do so. Of course, not everyone is going to want to get into the spirit. But, for those that do, the office vibe becomes fun and silly. One of the best ways to get co-workers involved is to offer incentives, like a gift card, PTO day, or some other cool perk. Break up the workday and have the contest just before lunchtime. Your co-workers will appreciate having a little extra time to unwind and share some laughs as the costume parade makes its way through the office. You can even have the costume parade lead straight into the office party area. 


Halloween-themed games. Games are fun and can lead to team building. If you’re planning to have the office party mid-day, it can also encourage employees to get their tasks done before the fun activities begin. So, let’s talk about games. We’ve seen some good ones at office parties. Pumpkin carving and painting contests, bobbing for apples, pin the bones on the skeleton, and movie trivia (Halloween movies!) are all top picks. 


Spooky-looking treats. Potlucks are a great thing to include in an office party. Having a trick or treat themed potluck provides an opportunity for employees to show off their creative cooking skills. Of course, eating tasty foods is always going to be welcome. We’ve seen dishes like green-colored mac and cheese, taco dips that look like a graveyard, pumpkin cupcakes, and rolls shaped like snakes and other ghoulish delights. Of course, you can’t go wrong with simple treats like pumpkin seeds!


Halloween decorations. Decorations are a must for Halloween. Pick out classic decorations like fake spider webs, plastic pumpkins and spiders, ghosts, and other related items. If your party has a specific theme, it could be the inspiration that guides your decorations, which leads us to our last tip.


Think outside the box, pick a theme. What type of business or organization do you have? Plan an office party and the decorations around what your company does, with a spooky angle. Let your imagination run wild!


Halloween office parties can lead to bonding with co-workers. Another excellent way to enhance your organization is with team building activities. Browse the games at AdVenture Games Inc, and experience fun games with positive results!