Get ready to embark on a sci-fi adventure of the mind as you aid a pair of offbeat Special Agents in discovering a mysterious lost treasure buried deep inside world-famous San Diego. 

What begins as a boring workplace safety webinar, the presentation takes an unexpected turn as the feed is abruptly interrupted by Anonymous hacktivists who demand you help them find the treasure before they carry out an ominous threat.  

The Situation Room is a first of its kind, choose-your-own-adventure, interactive competition puzzle room game, set to a live-action movie. Using your smartphone, you interact with a “live feed” from Headquarters as you compete against other players to crack codes, decipher clues and give direction to the field agents.  This escape room-style adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat as you race against the clock, and other treasure hunters, to decode and interpret visual messages and clues.TSRLibrary-300x300 adventure games team building

How it works

You can experience this adventure using the Zoom App, or you can download The Situation Room game directly on your computer.  (See Game Specs) A reliable internet connection is highly recommended.  You will also need a smartphone, and will need to provide your cell phone number to receive the login credentials that Headquarters will send to you during the experience.  

The game can be played remotely anywhere in the world.  Not all players need to be in the same location.  You can break your group into teams of 1-10 players to compete against each other to discover the answers first.  However, all teams must successfully solve the puzzles before the game moves forward.  So if you’re the fastest one, you might need to offer up some help to the others so you don’t run the clock out!

Become the star!

You can upgrade your experience to become the star of the game by filming and adding two custom scenes to the movie.  All you have to do is film it with your device and send us the movie files within 3 hours of your scheduled event time.  It could be anything from you being kidnapped or something going missing.  The possibilities are endless!

The Situation Room is a mystery adventure for the mind.  It is designed to provide opportunity for observation, insight, and intuition–all in a fun competitive environment.


  • TIME: 90 Minutes
  • TEAM SIZE: 1 – 10 people
  • NUMBER OF TEAMS:  Up to 10
  • DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Intermediate
  • AGE LEVEL: 10 years old and up
  • TECH REQUIREMENTS: Zoom or Desktop App download* & cell phone
  • *The Desktop App provides a smooth movie-like playback experience.  It is available in Windows and Mac formats, and takes 17GB of memory to run.  Depending on your internet speed, allow 30 minutes – 1 hour to download the files before your game begins.

  • $35 per person up to 20 people
  • $25 per person over 21 people
  • 4 person minimum for private game