Oops!… We’ve Kidnapped Your Boss (Again!)

Posted July 20, 2020


Remote work does have its challenges. For instance, how can organizations keep their employees engaged and connected? How can management teams keep their teams inspired and motivated?

AdVenture Games has found a fun and adventurous way to keep your workforce and workflow on the positive end of the virtual world spectrum — it’s our SpyGame: Remote Edition!

Play On Any Video Conferencing Platformemote

SpyGame is more than just a fun virtual adventure; it’s also a workshop and marketing program that can be customized to be about your company or any theme to fit your goals. We can produce SpyGame on any video conferencing platform, too. So whether you use Zoom, Citrix GoToMeeting, ClickMeeting, Join.Me, Microsoft Teams, or any other video conferencing platform, we’ve got you covered.

Each player will also need a Smartphone to get in on the action. As long as the internet connection is stable and you’ve got video conferencing capabilities, the games can go on!

Build Better, Stronger Teams — No Matter Where They Are!

Team building games like our SpyGame remote edition can build trustworthiness, which in today’s virtual workforce, is much needed.

Besides being loads of fun, here are some other things you and your team members can expect. With the use of breakout rooms, several informants visit the teams. From there, the teams work together privately in the breakout rooms, racing to be the first time that solves the case before all teams come along for the grand finale!

This interactive workshop uses the power of play to grow your team outside their comfort zone. In doing so, it also helps develops players’ skillset.

SpyGame engages:

  • Time management
  • Active listening
  • Individual and team-think
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Collaboration under pressure
  • Discovery of TRUST

Adjusted To Fit The Needs Of Your Organization

Are you having trouble getting everyone to meet at the same time for the same amount of time? We’ve got good news. Our SpyGame remote edition is customizable. So, while the typical game lasts two hours, we can adjust the time frame to suit your schedule better!

SpyGame is the perfect workshop for both small and larger-sized organizations. You can play the game with four participants or even five-hundred!

Team Building Games To Enhance Your Remote Work Staff

There’s a real need in the remote workplace to keep employees engaged. The Covid-19 crisis has transformed the way workers commute and communicate. So much so that a good chunk of today’s workforce in the U.S. is getting their work done from home.

The latest numbers show a significant shift — since the outbreak, 88% of organizations have encouraged or required their employees to work from home.

How will the workforce look post-COVID? With 74% of companies planning to shift to remote work permanently, it looks like remote work is here to stay.

It’s the right time to get in on the virtual team building action!

What Others Have Said

“Best team building event yet! We had recently gone through a restructure and this was the perfect ice breaker for our group. Tons of laughs and great memories. Highly recommend “SpyGame.” -Cori Boss, Reebok

“AdVenture Games did a wonderful job at bringing together our team and through SpyGame. Our conference was 100% more effective than in the past. We were impressed with the senior leadership and the team is still talking about the game.” -Wendi Racca, American Broadband

Book It!

With so much going on in the world, we can all use a bellyful of laughs. SpyGame is the antidote needed to engage, inspire, and bring positivity to your remote work staff. At AdVenture Games, our goal is to bring some much-needed relief and joy to you and your team members — all while building trust and enhancing the way remote staffs interact with each other!