Adventure Games and Microsoft hit Seattle with SpyGame.

Posted September 23, 2016

The Adventure Games Team comes to Seattle to host its popular team building “SpyGame” at the Microsoft Headquarters.  untitled1

The word is out on the importance of effective communication in the work place and teams are getting creative when it comes to teaching workplace skills through team building. This applies to all companies ranging from startups to fortune 500 companies.

AdVenture Games Team Building will be hosting a team building event at Microsoft at their headquarters in Redmond, outside of Seattle. Two hundred unsuspecting Microsoft employees will have to work together to recover their missing boss who has gone missing by the hands of the AdVenture Game’s team of secret agents during the company’s popular “SpyGame”.

More about what will take place during the SpyGame: Their meeting will be abruptly interrupted by a team of FBI Agents who reveal that a “situation” has occurred, and a high stakes mission training session begins. What follows is an action-packed game of espionage that will test—and build—participants’ skills at strategizing, team-building, and thinking on their feet, as they race against the clock to rescue a hostage and take down a notorious crime syndicate.

Divided into teams and armed with case files, cell phones, and cameras, each group will take to the Microsoft campus in search of informants and discover clues. Team members communicate with Headquarters to pinpoint the locations of the informants, played by the AdVenture Games cast of professional actors. Once an informant is located, the teams’ task isn’t over, as information is rarely given for free. Additional challenges test players’ wits and creativity, as teams work to get the clues that matter, recording clues and intel on digital cameras along the way.

The lessons learned of this game is to highlight the value of sharing a common goal, and learning how to work together and problem solve under pressure.  SpyGame teaches valuable skills of team bonding and communication necessary in a fast-moving work place.




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About Adventure Games:

The success of any team starts at the core with strong leadership dedicated to success and excellence for everyone in the entire organization.  Internal relationships and communication is vital to the health and success of any company, perhaps even more important than customer relationships and service.  Each of our facilitators have been carefully hand-selected to create a dynamite cast that will engage and energize your team with sophistication and style with the same level of quality that you would expect to deliver your own customers.  Our professional staff hail from all over the country with various backgrounds and life experiences, and consist of communication specialists and performance artists.  We love what we do and it shows in our delivery and execution of each of our programs!