Navigating Through Self Imposed Road Blocks in Washington D.C.

Posted October 8, 2016

The most difficult challenges we face in life will become those which define us. The meaning locked in these words could not be any truer, but who is to say which of the challenges you face will end up being greater than all of the others? The truth is that the challenge itself is not the important part but instead it is how you engage the challenge. A fresh look at problem solving is what we hope you take from this by the time you’ve finish reading the journey of our latest Adventurers in Washington D.C.

The Washington D.C. National Mall is where the team members met me with smiling faces and introductions. After a few guidelines were instructed and questions answered the team was off! Or more so the team started to move around. Immediately individuals of the group came up with their own explanation for what was happening and took to accomplishing it. A handful of the members stuck together wandering through a garden in search of clues that only existed in their own minds. Sound familiar? Their discombobulated efforts I watched unfold for over twenty minutes as energy used became energy wasted. The team began to feel frustration from this lack of accomplishment. Yet it was not the challenge that was set before them that was causing them to fail. In fact, they had yet to even begin working on the challenge at hand. It was the failure of each individual’s own ideas that was now threatening to derail our group but this was just the beginning of our team’s journey.

Frustration had now begun to close its subtle grip around this team’s effort. That small voice in the back of their heads was feasting on their doubt of the games legitimacy and their own personal ability. Thirty minutes now in the books. I wasn’t sure if the team’s decision to regroup was a tactical effort or not but none the less for the first time since the start of the challenge all of the members of the group were back together. The energy had shifted from high to low but they had all minds working together. Cue my entrance. After a quick greeting of the group while ignoring their jabs at the challenge at hand we discussed their current direction. What were they working towards? Where were they going from here?

The group focused their efforts putting their problem solving skills and communication into the challenge itself. No more wandering. No more adding meaning to the details. The team buzzed around the mall and refused to separate from one another. When a challenge arose their first priority was to immediately communicate the specifics by breaking down the challenge at hand. They now recognized obstacles for what they were rather than believing what it could be. Low and behold what happened next? The group’s communication spiked. Team identified goals were unanimous and clear allowing everyone’s opinion to be respected because the team had spear headed towards a common goal. Once everything was said and done they could look back at what they had accomplished which was a small taste of their own capability.

We too must focus on the specifics of obstacles in our own lives. If we can free ourselves from the constant struggles we place before our own feet we too will witness capabilities, we never thought possible for ourselves.

Chad Hardy Signature Chad Michael |The MasterMind