Smart Norfolk Team Building Activities

Image-Overlay-Round-9-300x300 adventure games team buildingIt shouldn’t be a surprise that your Norfolk team can benefit from the use of team building games in your workplace. When you’re looking for ways to give your Norfolk business an edge over the competition, try one of the myriad of team building activity available from AdVenture Games Team Building. Team building games have been proven to increase productivity, to boost morale and to increase performance levels across the board.

For an unforgettable experience, try SpyGame. This game kidnaps you, the boss, and has your team attempting to rescue you by completing challenges. They use communication, teamwork, leadership and problem solving in order to succeed. Your team will need to work collectively successfully in order to succeed at rescuing you.

Enhance Your Meeting with an Amazing Team Building Experience

For another fun team building game, try Office Escape. This lock in challenge is the world’s first mobile escape room that comes directly to a meeting room like yours in Norfolk. Your staff thinks they’re attending a staff meeting, but find out they’re in a puzzle room with 60 minutes to solve puzzles as a team to escape. This game teaches them to use their communication, leadership and other skills in a timed setting in order to succeed as a team (a very realistic experience for them).

Lastly, National Treasure is a unique app-driven treasure hunt that will have you traveling all over Norfolk looking for the final treasure. You will travel from location to location cracking codes, taking photos as you solve puzzles and collecting tokens that will bring you closer to unlocking this treasure with your staff. Team members will use their teamwork and communication skills as they follow true stories set in historic locations throughout Norfolk. This is truly one of the most creative and unique team building games available for your team to experience.


When you’re looking for a creative way to inspire your Norfolk team, contact us at AdVenture Games Team Building to find out about our diverse lineup of team building games and activities. Customize an experience today!


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