Smart Duluth Team Building Activities

If you’re searching for ways in order to build a stronger team in Duluth, AdVenture Games Team Building is the answer. Whether you want to involve your entire staff or only have a few members that you want to strengthen team work with, there is a team building activity for every purpose and any Minnesota business. These team building activities create an edge against your competitions and are well worth considering.

SpyGame is a fast-paced team building game that gets you, the boss, involved. At the start of this experience, you are kidnapped and your team members must work together to rescue you from your kidnappers. Your team will use communication, team work, time management, problem solving and leadership all while working through a series of puzzles to recover their boss.

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During our AdVenture Games Challenge game, you can test your staff on a variety of topics (this is fully customizable). Some topics include creativity, tech knowledge or business savvy. This game can be suited to any type of business or industry and no new experiences are the same.

Street Smarts is another option that is high energy and interactive. Your staff is split into teams where they must compete a series of challenges and stunts. This team building game focuses on helping your staff hone on in on their creative and strategic thinking and to build camaraderie. This team building game works on interpersonal communication, collaborating under pressure and risk assessment.


We at AdVenture Games Team Building have years of experience customizing team building experiences for businesses from all over the world. When you’re ready to discuss a team building experience for your business, contact our expert staff for any questions or a quote.

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