Taking Teamwork and Creativity to the Streets!

Your group gathers in the street and are then divided into two teams and are challenged to perform a series of stunts. Each team racks up points by completing challenges all while working to outwit and outdo one another in outrageousness.

STREET SMARTS is a high-energy, interactive tour through the city streets that leverages the local scene to empower your team through camaraderie and exploration. Participants are challenged to improve their strategic and creative-thinking skills while practicing friendly competition.

Team Benefits

STREET SMARTS challenges your team to take smart risks as they consider the perils and benefits of going for broke, all while inspiring them to exercise their smarts through the following skills:

Engaged creativity




Risk assessment

The STREET SMARTS challenge gives participants a hands-on lesson on the difficulties (and benefits) of collaborating under pressure, all while encouraging them not to take themselves too seriously. 

Activities are hand-selected from a menu of options and range from straightforward tasks to ridiculous stunts designed to ensure that team players will become part of a chaotic town spectacle. To keep things interesting, we’ve thrown in some bonus trivia to really test participants smarts and ensure they’re giving it all they’ve got!

Risk vs. Reward

Teams will be faced with the ultimate game-altering question: Do they risk everything they have earned on this final challenge, or do they play it safe? The final challenge can turn leaders into losers and last place teams into winners!

Street Smarts is the ultimate challenge of creativity, time management and thinking on your feet. Participants must step outside their comfort zone and forego the fear of judgment if they aim to win this challenge.

Test your team’s smarts while setting them up for success on the streets today!


  • TIME: 2 Hours
  • # OF PARTICIPANTS: 4 – 20
  • PHYSICAL NEEDS: Light Walking
  • CHARITY COMPONENT: Easily Integrated