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StreetSmarts is a high-energy, interactive hosted tour through the city, in which teams compete in a series of wild stunts and challenges. Participants will build camaraderie, hone their strategic thinking skills, and practice friendly competition. Get ready to cut loose and win big in your city!

mustache-e1411882821507 adventure games team buildingHow does it work?

Our charismatic host gathers everyone to explain the game’s ground rules. The Game Keeper divides the group into two teams, who will make their way through the game course performing a series of challenges. Challenges range from straightforward tasks to ridiculous stunts designed to ensure that team players will become part of the chaos and spectacle of the town: think participants freezing like statues on a busy city street, or singing on a street corner until somebody—anybody!—gives them a dollar. The two teams face off to complete each challenge and win the most points by outdoing each other in outrageousness.

Of course, everyone knows that line in Las Vegas about how what happens here stays here – but luckily that’s not always the case. Every stunt will be documented on camera, making for great company party favors—and water cooler fodder—for months to come.

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The Grand Finale!

When the teams have completed all of their challenges, the Game Keeper leads them to their final destination and presents them with one final, high-risk challenge. Teams will be faced with the ultimate, game-altering question: Do they risk everything they have earned on this final challenge, or do they play it safe? The final challenge will determine who wins it all in Street Smarts!


StreetSmarts engages participants’ strategic planning and interpersonal communication skills in a fun, engaging atmosphere. Participants hone their creativity and time-management acumen as they work together to meet the demands of each challenge. And they get a hands-on lesson on the challenges and benefits of collaborating under pressure—while learning not to take themselves too seriously. And to top it all off, they practice risk assessment, as they consider the perils and benefits of going for broke in the final challenge.

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  • TIME: 2 Hours
  • # OF PARTICIPANTS: 4 – 20
  • PHYSICAL NEEDS: Light Walking
  • CHARITY COMPONENT: Easily Integrated

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