Creative Team Building Games & Activities in Evansville

If you find that your business team is not operating at its peak performance, one way to bring everyone together is a team building activity. By fostering an improvement in teamwork, you may find that everyone in your team is able to work better on their own as well as in a group. At AdVenture Games Team Building, you will find that we offer a number of different team building experiences for you to choose from so there is something for everyone.

To experience one of the most popular team building activities we have to offer, consider SpyGame. This is a fast paced and fun game, where we kidnap the “boss” and then the rest of the team has to work together to rescue you. Your team members will work on their communication, teamwork, creativity, time management and problem-solving skills on a series of puzzles while trying to recover you. This is a great way to bring your team members together, because they will have to work together in order to save you.

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Camp Basics is a high-energy challenge game, where small teams complete challenges to compete in a final obstacle course. Only the two teams with the highest points will compete in the final obstacle course, so this is a highly competitive activity. This game teaches problem-solving, leadership, strategic thinking and communication in a fast-paced environment.

AdVenture Games Challenge is a fun team building game that tests your staff to business savvy, creativity, and tech knowledge questions that you can custom tailor to suit your business or industry, no matter what it is, and we can play it with you right in your own Evansville neighborhood.

There is no shortage of creative team building games and activities available, so when you are ready to start considering your options, contact us at AdVenture Games Team Building to find out which one will best suit your business.

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