Adventure Team Building Activities in Honolulu

Team building games have long been successful at helping Hawaiian businesses much like yours to help their staff to work better together, to be more productive and to have a better attitude while doing so. We at AdVenture Games Team Building work directly with you to discuss your team’s weaknesses and to customize a team building experience that works on issues and concerns you want addressed.

One of our most popular team building games is a scavenger hunt known as AdVenture Games Challenge. This wildly fun scavenger hunt can be conducted throughout Honolulu or in places such as Moanalua Gardens or Kuhio Beach Park. During this team building experience, teams will download our app and perform challenges and stunts throughout the course.  This team building game teaches your staff how to work together under pressure or a deadline, how to communicate and strategic thinking.

Enhance Your Hawaii Meeting with a Strategy Game

Another one of our most popular team building games in Hawaii is SpyGame. Here the boss is kidnapped and your team must work together in order to recover you through the completion of a series of challenges. This team building activity teaches strategic planning, thinking on your feet, communication and creativity skills.

Lastly, try an escape room known as Office Escape. This is the world’s first mobile room that comes directly to your Hawaii office. Your staff will think they’re attending an hour-long motivational speaker, but instead learn they have 60 minutes to complete a series of puzzles in order to escape this lock in challenge. This puzzle room teaches leadership, problem solving, thinking under pressure and time management, all valuable skills a successful staff has.


For creative and innovative ways to inspire your staff, contact us at AdVenture Games Team Building today to customize an experience and to get a comprehensive quote.

 Choose the perfect team building activity for your team!