Motivate Your Wilmington Office with Quality Team Building

When you’re looking for an innovative and creative way to motivate your team, look no further than team building activities from AdVenture Games Team Building. In Wilmington, Delaware, we offer a wide variety of different options for you to choose from, each more creative and successful than the last when it comes to developing motivated and cohesive team members for successful businesses in and around Wilmington.

For example, SpyGame puts a unique twist on team building by capturing the “boss” and then requiring the rest of the team to try and rescue you. The team is required to learn communication, teamwork, problem-solving, creativity and time management skills while diligently attempting to recover you from the kidnappers. Can they do it?

Office Escape brings the escape room to you. Bring your team members in for a 60-minute motivational speaker, then we will do the rest. We will turn your office into an escape room, challenging your team members to solve a variety of complex puzzles as a team in order to escape during this lock in challenge. This team building game will teach time management, problem solving, team work, leadership and communication.

No matter where your meetings may take you in Wilmington, we’ve got you covered

National Treasure is an app-based treasure hunt that you can conduct right in Wilmington, through the Father Tucker Memorial Park or Rockwood Museum, the Brandywine Zoo or the Delaware Children’s Museum, just to name a few. Teams will have 90 minutes in order to locate a missing treasure, working together in teams to crack the codes. Each team is scored based on how quickly puzzles are solved, and each time they solve a puzzle the team will take a photo, collecting a token that will help them unlock a treasure. This game teaches communication and teamwork.


When you’re looking for a creative way to inspire your team in Delaware, consider contacting AdVenture Games Team Building to find out more about our vast array of team building games and you may just find something that will drive your business forward.

 Choose the perfect team building activity for your team!