5 Tips to Make the Workplace More Enjoyable

Posted April 18, 2022
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5 Tips to Make the Workplace More Enjoyable


In today’s workplace, having fun at work is a must. After all, employers have struggled to find and keep their top talent, so having fun at work may be an incentive. There are other advantages. For instance, when employees have fun at work, it gets them motivated and helps get the creative juices flowing — it also helps with team building.


The way that the job market is today, it’s become clear that employers need to make their workplace more enticing if they want to attract the workers they want. The good news is that creating a fun and exciting place to work is easier than you might think. Here are some suggestions:


1. Celebrate Employee Birthdays and Achievements

Celebrating employees’ birthdays and achievements makes them feel like family members. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to plan a massive party for every team member (that can get out of hand). But, planning parties for birthday months can work, and it can be something as simple as having an ice cream social. The big thing you’re doing is creating a caring and supporting atmosphere. 


2. Virtual and In-Person Team-building Events

Are most of the employees working remotely? No problem! Team building games are a surefire way to spice up any office environment. Virtual team-building games aren’t just fun; they can also motivate and inspire employees. In-person virtual games are always a hit. Various options can get your valuable teammates to think out of the box while having fun! 


3. Make Morning Meetings More Fun

Not everyone is gung-ho in the morning. But you can make those morning meetings a bit more fun when you implement games or jokes. Try some ice breaker games or share your favorite jokes. Even just 5 minutes of fun interaction can drive team members to have a better day, turning into positive production! Check out this blog on ways to jumpstart morning meetings


4. Implement a Hybrid Work Model

When the pandemic first hit, remote work was the new normal. But now that the pandemic is starting to wane, some organizations are ready to get their teams into the office full time. But hold on! The truth is that workers are often more productive when working from home. Sure, there’s a lot to say about coming into the office. After all, glitchy Zoom calls can be a drag. But if your remote staff is excelling where they’re at, why ruin a good thing? The solution may be to implement a hybrid work schedule, so they’re happy to see their co-workers face-to-face when they come to work!


5. Organize Social Gatherings

When employees like the people they work with, everything seems to come together, including getting work done. If annual retreats were a part of your company in the past, bring them back. Now that people are going out more, it could be an excellent time to organize family barbecues, too. 


We Can Help You Let the Good Times Roll

Are you ready to make your office fun again? AdVenture Games is prepared to take your organization to the next level. We specialize in team-building events that inspire and motivate. Oh, and did we forget to mention that they’re super fun! Contact us today to request a quote or call us at (866)587-2125 or (760)444-0515.