Employee appreciation trends for 2022

Posted March 24, 2022
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9 Employee Recognition Trends for 2022

The official Employee Appreciation Day may have come and gone (it’s always on the first Friday of March). However, as the last two years have shown, the workplace is changing and so is how employees are recognized and treated.

One thing remains the same: amazing things happen when employees are recognized and appreciated. Appreciating employees boosts morale, enhances company culture, and even optimizes productivity.

And with that, here are some employee appreciation trends for 2022!

As more and more companies embrace the hybrid workplace, engaging with remote workers will be different. For instance:

Clearly defined roles for remote staff: Since remote teams work from home, they have less direct oversight. This means that it’s essential to meet your employees and set expectations based on your job description (you may have to tweak it for remote workers.)

Provide online learning and development opportunities: Some remote workers might feel like they’re missing out on opportunities to grow. Companies can address this issue by providing online growth opportunities through seminars, training courses, and guest lectures.

Provide flexible work hours: Most workers value flexible work hours, so it’s better to embrace it rather than fighting it. Of course, oversight is important. However, allowing your teams to have flexible work hours makes them feel trusted and valued. Plus, you’ll be amazed by how productive they can be.

Celebrate successes: Celebrating individual and team accomplishments is an excellent way to boost morale and keep motivation running on full cylinders. Virtual team-building events are one of the best ways to recognize team success. Team-building games are fun and are also beneficial in building relationships.

Make team culture a top priority: Now that many of the pandemic protocols have loosened up, you can try organizing social events offline. Besides social events, try team-building events that get teams together to participate in scavenger hunts, escape rooms, and other fun games.

Try these employee appreciation ideas: 

Organize a memorable team-building event: Spending quality time with everyone together outside of their work duties shows them that they’ve earned a break from their routine. Team-building events don’t just give them a break. It also makes team members appreciate each other more.

Catered lunch: Most everyone appreciates delicious food. You can make it a casual affair with pizzas, donuts, and ice cream, or go for something fancier with a catered food truck or lunch. No matter which option you choose, office lunch allows employees to reflect and gives them time to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

Host an awards program: Ok, so you probably don’t need to roll out a red carpet. But you can transform any office space into one that looks dazzling. But the best part about this idea is that you’re taking the time to recognize your valuable employees.

Happy hour: You can host a happy hour at a place close to the office, like a local watering hole. Heck, you can even transform the break room into a cool speakeasy! Good drinks and even better company create an opportunity for teams to share laughs and gratitude.

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