Why Seattle is an Ideal Team Building Retreat

Posted February 17, 2017

Why Seattle is a Great Place For a Team Building Retreat

It’s no secret that team building games and activities can help improve productivity for Seattle businesses. With the help of AdVenture Games, Inc., countless businesses have seen improvements in their employees and productivity since 2005. Their “team building for smart people” offers unique team building activities that work. These helpful business tools provide solutions to Seattle companies that are searching for ways to integrate new staff with an existing one or just to fix issues they’re having. Ultimately, these team building games increase performance and improve productivity.

Seattle is a great place for a team building retreat because it has great outdoor locations where you can host these games and activities. One great locale to experience Seattle team building games is at Olympic Sculpture Park. A great game to experience there would be SpyGame where participants use strategic planning, communication and quick thinking to rescue the hostage, their boss. All of the members of the team must work together cohesively to find the mole and take them down. This particular team building game in Seattle is great for any business to create team comradery.

Another great creative and fun team building game to try in Seattle is National Treasure. A great location for this activity would be Beer Sheva Park on Lake Washington. With this outdoors team building game, teams download a course map and work together to complete challenges that give them points. This team work focus is particularly great for Seattle businesses who need to teach their staff how to work together effectively for the common goal, of getting their tasks done.

With the help of AdVenture Games and their team building games and activities for smart people, you can transform your staff. By working directly with Seattle businesses to customize a team building activity for their customers, they can integrate your particular issues with your staff. These games teach valuable lessons in real-time throughout the backdrop of Seattle.

No matter what industry your business is in, their creative team building games can help boost morale in your office. Contact their professional team building staff today to start planning your next rewarding Seattle team building game experience. Call 760-444-0515 today to get started.