The New Team Building for Remote Teams in 2021

Posted February 16, 2021

The New Team Building for Remote Teams in 2021

The current pandemic has drastically changed the workplace landscape. Employees quickly went from in-office to remote work. In fact, once lockdown went into effect, the percentage of remote workers jumped from 3.4% in February to almost 42% in just three months (April).

For many traditionally structured workplaces, it was a bit of a shock. But it also presented new opportunities for companies to connect with their employees. After all, organizations had to shrug off their “office mentality” and accept the new remote-work culture.

Many businesses are witnessing some advantages to remote work in 2021:

  • An increase in productivity: Fewer distractions and more hours available to complete tasks has increased productivity levels.
  • Better work/life balance: No more commute and less time getting ready/dressed for work allows for more personal time.
  • Flexibility: If they have a laptop, employees can work anywhere.
  • Less overhead: Reduced spending for the office is a definite advantage for companies.

It took a bit of a learning curve. However, video calls, virtual meetings, and remote team building activities have allowed many companies to thrive. Though many companies are considering hybrid models, it appears that remote work is here to stay.

Team Building is Here to Stay

So, is the office as we know it gone forever? And if so, how can companies keep their employees engaged? For many companies, the answer to the latter is team building.

Team building is a worthy investment. It creates a link between coworkers and team leaders, creating a bridge of human connection that’s been missing for many since the pandemic. Team building forces us to go back to the basics to build a communication and collaboration culture.

Of course, due to social distancing guidelines, team building has also had to transition to remote team building. Fortunately, companies like AdVenture Games Inc. have found a way to facilitate team-building with social distancing properly. Virtual team building activities still has all the benefits of before.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, team-building with social distancing is the new norm for now.

For a refresher, here are a few of the positives that companies can gain from employing virtual team building activities during quarantine and beyond.

Connecting and bonding with remote staff: Because employees are working in remote offices, it’s more important than ever to communicate with your teammates. Virtual team building activities are an excellent way for team leaders to let their teams know how valuable they are and a great way to let them know who you are.

Ramping up culture: It’s harder than ever to build a company culture in the digital age. And now that in-person communication has ceased, onboarding new employees can be difficult. Creating a positive work culture is essential. It helps teams communicate, connect, reflect, and grow. Of course, because of social distancing, we can’t fully let go of the digital constraints. But virtual team-building activities still break up the workday. It allows employees to share activities, laugh, and bond. It’s a great way to get employees out of their comfort zone and enable new employees the chance to get to know their fellow teammates.

Team Building with Social Distancing in Mind

There’s an urgency for team leaders and organizations to re-engage with their teams. Investing in team building during pandemic times and beyond is smart for everyone involved. AdVenture Games Inc. is a leading virtual team building facilitator ready to bridge the gap of social distancing. Contact us to request a quote!