How to Show Appreciation to Your Customers & Staff This Holiday Season

Posted October 31, 2017

How to Show Appreciation to Your Customers & Staff This Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s important to consider all the valuable ways that you can show appreciation to your customers. While gratitude should be a main focus throughout the entire year, the season of thanks makes it a reminder to show this appreciation regularly. We have complied a series of suggestions on how you can successfully show appreciation to those closest to you and your business. For many, customer appreciation is a lost practice, but ultimately showing your customers how much you genuinely care will go a long way in winning them over in the long term.

First, Focus on Empowering Your Employees

Appreciation should first go to those working for you, your employees. By empowering your staff, you will have more productive, efficient and happy employees. Appreciation matters in any situation. Public recognition especially helps to create a positive peer pressure that motivates team members and encouraging them to do the right things. This appreciation time allows your staff to feel valued, which encourages them to perform to excellence. This allows you to run a successful business with happy customers.

After your customers are happy, not only will your business soar, but so will your bottom line. Next, it’s time to send thanks to your customers. Here are some of our most popular ways to show appreciation to our clientele.

Personalize a Message

Give your valued customers a handwritten gratitude note. In a world of constant texts, emails and tweets, taking time to write a message gives a lasting impression. This gesture is rare and takes us back. Whether season’s greetings during the holidays or just any time of the year, these good old-fashioned thank you notes make your customers take notice. Some tips when writing your message include:

  1. Addressing them by name
  2. Keep The message short and authentic
  3. Be detailed
  4. Keep it warm yet professional. Use closing tags such as all the best, kindly, sincerely, cheers or regards.

Establish a Customer Appreciation Strategy

This strategy starts with a full database or list of all of your customers. After you have this tool, you can begin creating winning customer appreciation techniques that lead to continuous customers. Contact your customers regularly whether with promotional campaigns, newsletters or personalized information tailored to their needs. This will vary depending on your business and the products and/or services you offer.

Ultimately, customer loyalty is what gets the customer to keep coming back and if you want them to, you need to give them a reason to do just that. It starts with feeling recognized and appreciated. Some ways to address customers include:

  1. A follow-up email or phone call asking them how they’re doing and their experience with your service and/or product(s)
  2. Customer Promotion: This includes highlighting some of your customers and showing how they are using and benefiting from your service or products. This can also be done in a newsletter. Ultimately, this is giving your customer some free promotion too.

Figure out what will make your customers feel appreciate and aim to use that as a strategy to keep them as continuous customers. If you make customer appreciation a consistent theme in your business, your customers will notice.

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