Team Building Ideas in Phoenix, Arizona

Posted March 4, 2017

Team Building Ideas in Phoenix, Arizona

Team building activities and games can help you to improve your staff’s productivity in any Phoenix office. AdVenture Games, Inc. has delivered unique business tools to a variety of businesses since 2005. Our team building games for smart people have helped companies to find innovative ways to blend new staff members into an existing team or to learn real-time lessons that benefit the workplace. Papago Park, Encanto Park or South Mountain Park would all serve as great location for your next custom team building experience.

While we have a multitude of different team building games, our most popular team building activity is SpyGame. This game has team members using their communication, quick thinking, strategic thinking and problem solving skills in order to rescue the hostage of the game, their boss. They must also find the mole to take down those that have kidnapped their higher-up. This is especially great for those blending a team together in their Phoenix business.

Another creative team building activity we offer is called National Treasure. During this team building game, teams download their course map and work together in order to complete a series of mental and physical challenges in order to earn point to reclaim the “National Treasure.” This game teaches team members how to prioritize tasks to achieve the common goal of getting things done, something that can be applied to daily work in your business.

Ultimately, AdVenture Games, Inc. offers you team building games for smart people. We created them for like-minded individuals who want to learn real-time lessons that benefit their staff instantly. We believe in customizing these team building activities for our customers as this allows you to decide what issues or concerns are most important to you. No matter what industry your Phoenix business is in, our creative and high-energy team building activities can boost the spirit of your office in no time

Contact our staff today at 760-444-0515 to begin planning your next rewarding team building game in Phoenix, Arizona. We work with all types of budgets and believe in giving you the results you’re looking for in a fun way. We got your back!