Play Our Exciting SpyGame in Chicago

Posted March 11, 2017

Play Our Exciting SpyGame in Chicago

We at AdVenture Games, Inc. understand how hard it can be to achieve a good balance with your team. With our team building game, SpyGame, we can have your team members synchronizing, organizing and strategizing together. During this game, the boss is kidnapped and taken hostage and your team members must work together to recover you. There is no set route with this team building activity. Your team is split up into separate teams where they must decide which tasks they will accomplish and in what order. This allows our expert team building staff to customize each experience to every business’s needs.

In order to succeed with this team building game, the teams must work together to complete these challenges, both mental and physical, and find the mole in the group. Bad planning and/or poor communication can lead to the team failing to complete the tasks. The team with the most points at the end of the activity will be able to save the boss.

With Spygame, team members learn real-time lessons in a fun and energized atmosphere. Time management, communication, strategic planning, creativity and problem solving are all skills tested during this team building activity. In just 3 hours, up to 500 participants can participate in this high-energy team building experience. While anywhere in Chicago would serve as a great backdrop for this game, Grant Park, Lincoln Park or Millennium Park would all be great choices for the location.

Allow our expert team building staff at AdVenture Games, Inc. to show you what team building for smart people is all about. We can’t wait to customize a team building experience for you and your staff. To begin planning, call us today at 760-444-0515 to get started. We look forward to helping you to see results you’re looking for and to boost the morale, increase productivity and to improve performance in your Chicago business.