Client Spotlight: Five Acres

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    “The team at AGI is so good about encouraging teamwork, and encouraging communication. The feeling was organic.” Sometimes, you just need to get up, get outside, and do something. That’s exactly what the team at Five Acres in Altadena, CA was craving when they contacted AdVenture Games. For 130 years, Five Acres has… Read more »

6 Reasons Team Building is a MUST for Your Satellite Team

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    Today with the workforce moving toward being almost entirely digital, we find ourselves spread out, yet we still work together. Unfortunately, without a face-to-face interaction, conflicts may arise. This is why traditional team building activities are so important. Without the bonding experience created from participating in team building activities, employees can find themselves… Read more »

4 Key Benefits of Team Collaboration

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                      It’s not just a slogan, or a mantra. Collaboration really is the key to any company’s success in today’s business world.   But why?   Why is it so important to collaborate in world where specialization is becoming so prevalent in the workplace? Here… Read more »