Create a Happy Workplace with Long-Lasting Connections and Boost Productivity

Posted July 29, 2019

Building great work relationships has many benefits for both the employees and the company. Long-lasting connections in the workplace can improve productivity and collaboration. Plus, in the process, creates a happier work environment. The thing is, working as a team is a challenging feat for any business. One of the biggest challenges is getting people that don’t usually work together, to do so. Some employees will jump at the chance to show their strengths. Others balk at the opportunity and steer clear of any such endeavor. So, how can you create successful collaboration in the workplace?

How to Improve Collaboration in the Workplace

Working together is the key to success. Team members thrive when they feel like they’re a part of something bigger. In team sports, every player has a role in the outcome – victory over your opponents. In a company setting, every individual contributes their unique talents towards a common goal too, which typically involves increasing productivity in the workplace. Here are some great ways to create and keep long-lasting connections in the workplace.

Team Building Activities and Problem Solving Games. Let’s face it. Games are fun. They’re also one of the best ways to nurture new relationships, as well as improve old ones. Favorite team sports like basketball, kickball, football or soccer are sure to bring people together. However, you can take things up a notch with team-building activities and problem-solving games that step-out of the box. Try games that teach employees to trust each other, or how to use problem-solving skills in a group effectively. Problem-solving games are great for getting employees to communicate better, and they can help break the ice between employees that may have never had the chance to meet. Team building games provide that chance for employees to showcase their unique skills. Also, did we mention that team building games are FUN?

Consider team-building games that encourage strategic planning and gets employees collaborating under pressure, like The AdVenture Games Challenge. A game like Minute Wars challenges team members to make quick-decisions (in under a minute!) and makes teams work together creatively and strategically. A game like Industry Innovations challenges teams with creative and engaging projects designed to test their product development skills, problem-solve, and communicate. One thing is sure; team building activities will create long-lasting memories that employees will look back on fondly.

Try Using a Team Collaboration Portal. There are lots of team collaboration tools that can help bring different departments and employees together. Best of all, you can bring people together from different locations, which is great if your company is spread out across regions or there are remote workers. Employees can build relationships and converse every workday, to discuss workloads, suggestions, ideas, questions, project challenges, and more.

Create and Implement Team Goals. Employees like knowing that all their hard work and time pays off. It’s a good idea to set attainable quarterly goals for each team member. When team members are focused on reaching their goals, it builds positive momentum both for the individual and team. Of course, when the employee didn’t reach his or her goals, it’s time to reevaluate the goals and offer constructive re-direction.

Successful companies are more than just about making a profit. They’re also a place where people love coming to work. And let’s face it, if the work environment is a place where collaboration is valued and encouraged, it’s a fun and positive place to be.