How SpyGame teaches your staff Leadership Skills

Posted October 26, 2016

How SpyGame, a Team Building Game, Can Teach Your Staff Leadership Skills

We understand how difficult it can be to achieve the perfect balance within your team. With SpyGame, an interactive team building game, participants strategize, synchronize and organize all at once. There is no set route and each team must determine which assignments they will go after. This makes this team building game completely customizable according to the needs of the team itself.

In order to succeed, the teams must work together to complete challenges and most importantly, find the mole in the group. Poor communication and bad planning can badly influence the team, which is a life lesson that is easily learned. The team that works best together will earn the most points and save the boss in the end.

How SpyGame Can Benefit Your Team

SpyGame engages participants strategic planning and interpersonal communication skills in a fun and high-energy atmosphere. They must also use their time-management skills and creativity to crack the case at hand. This creates a hands-on, real-time lesson where your team members must use teamwork, strategy and leadership skills to complete tasks.

One of the main tasks is to find the mole, which teaches your team the valuable experience in determining who is trustworthy. The team also learns to recognize ways in how individuals may sabotage a group effort. All of these things are helpful things to understand when working in a team setting.


More About SpyGame

In just 3 hours, up to 500 to participants can participate in this high-energy experience that is fully customizable to the needs of your team. Ultimately, Adventure Games Inc. with SpyGame and all of their team building games are teaching not only better skills for your team in the office, but also life-long lessons to live by. Allow us to show you what team building for smart people is today! Get in touch by phone or email: Phone: 760-444-0515 E-mail: