Creative Team Building Games & Activities in Salt Lake City

Fun and creative team building activities and games in Salt Lake City have been proven to help increase productivity, boost morale and performance in your Utah business. Try our smart team building activities to motivate and inspire your team to be better overall and to work together more cohesively. Inspire them to crush your competition with these fun experiences. In terms of locations in and around Salt Lake City, Liberty Park, City Creek Park or Sugar House Park would serve as a great backdrop for your team building game.

One of our most popular and successful team building games is SpyGame. During this activity, the boss is kidnapped and teams work together to finish tasks and to find the mole. This allows them to recover their boss. This team building experience tests team work, strategic, time management and communication, the most.

Unique Team Building for the Business Savvy

No matter what your business is or the size of your staff, we have a custom team building experience for you to try. Our team building games are created by smart people for smart people. AdVenture Games, Inc. takes pride in offering strategic and innovative team building activities that outsmart even the most intelligent team members. With Industry Innovations, teams work together on challenges by using creativity, team work and communication skills to succeed and earn the most points. This game is high pace and fun for staffs of all sizes.


Ultimately, no matter where your Salt Lake City meetings take you, we at AdVenture Games, Inc. have you covered with the most custom team building activities. Contact our team building expert team today to begin personalizing a team building activity for you and your staff. The rewards of the experience will greatly outweigh the cost of any experience you choose. Contact us today to get started!

Choose the perfect team building activity for your team!