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Mastery of Excellence at its Finest!

In the Boardroom, participants gather before the Advisor Panel to be split into Design Teams. Each team is challenged with four creative and engaging projects.

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INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS is The Apprentice meets Shark Tank: a fast-paced game that has teams racing against the clock—and each other—to build products, create presentations, and problem-solve their way through challenges.  

Team Benefits

INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS sparks a fun and engaging atmosphere honing interpersonal communication, creative problem solving, and time management.

Your team will get a hands-on lesson in the challenges and benefits of collaborating under pressure, being resourceful, and testing themselves at:

Product development

Oral presentations

Target marketing

Creative problem-solving

Interpersonal communications

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Innovation Overview

Participants are divided into Design Teams and navigate through a series of timed workshops hosted by a panel of Advisors.

At each turn, teams are presented a creative project or challenge that must be accomplished in the allotted time.  Once completed, they present their handiwork to the Advisor to receive a score based solely on merit, before advancing to the next round.

Upon completion of the course, Design Teams return to the boardroom for a final meeting with the Advisor Panel.  The Design Team that most successfully and creatively communicates their lessons learned will be named INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS Champions!

INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS is just what you need to immerse your team in the creative process, encourage team-think and develop improvisation and cooperation skills. This is all offered by engaging your team in friendly competition. 

Ready, Set, Innovate!

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  • TIME: 3 Hours
  • # OF PARTICIPANTS: 4 – 1,000+
  • PHYSICAL NEEDS: Light Walking
  • CHARITY COMPONENT: Easily Integrated

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