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Roxie1-e1411877271557 adventure games team buildingTry our smart and innovative team building games in Lake Tahoe that will help motivate your staff, increase morale and improve overall productivity in the office. Our innovative activities and games were created by smart people for smart people using high-tech ideas and creativity. AdVentures Games takes pride in delivering strategic team building activities that can outsmart the average scavenger hunt. Our National Treasure activity in Lake Tahoe has team members using strategic planning, communication and time management skills in order to meet the demands of every challenge in a real-time lesson. Who thought that team building games could be fun?

Team building games don’t have to break the bank. We can create a customized game or activity for your company that will never be the same as any other customer’s. We can tailor the activity to your specific issues and concerns and teach your staff how to effectively work through problems in real-time while encouraging them to crush their competition. All of these things will lead to greater success in your office. Best yet, all of these team building activities can be conducted in and around Lake Tahoe, making the whole experience even more convenient. We have your back, don’t worry!

No matter where your meetings may take you in Lake Tahoe, we’ve got the perfect team building solution for you

One of our most popular games, SpyGame has the boss kidnapped and the team members working together to solve real-time problems in order to recover him or her. This fun and innovative game encourages effective planning, communication and quick decision making.

We understand there are many options in terms of finding team building activities in Lake Tahoe. However we pride ourselves on our ability to create custom experience that uses humor and creativity to create an overall good time for a team. Whether you need a solution for a group of executives or your sales team, our thought provoking and smart staff can create something that will keep everyone engaged and energized without breaking your annual budget.

Contact us at AdVenture Games today and discover how we can help you design a custom game that will elevate your team to the next level.

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