Office Synergy Team Building – Office Escape

Posted November 5, 2016

Use the Science of Synergy with Our Team Building Game, Office Escape, To Teach Your Team Important Skills for the Workplace

Do you want to challenge your team to a mental game of discovery that will test their communication, problem-solving and leadership skills? With Office Escape, participants get to think outside of the box as they race against the clock in order to escape the office entirely. Your team will think they are signed up for a one-hour motivational seminar. What they don’t know is once they enter that particular room, they will be locked inside and given just sixty minutes in order to develop a plan to find out how to get out. All they will know is that somewhere in that room is the key to freedom.


Helpful Skills That Office Escape Teaches Your Staff

In order to succeed, your team must get organized and developed a plan in order to find the key before time is up. They must solve a variety of puzzles and riddles throughout the room. Each clue will lead them to another until the key is found. Success occurs when the team remains calm and effectively communicates. Natural leaders will emerge throughout this team building game experience.

Your team will learn how to work together and discover the benefits and challenges of collaborating while under pressure (a very real situation for them). They also will learn how important time management is especially in a game that is timed. When they are given a deadline, they have to kick it into gear and strategize in order to succeed as a team. You need just one hour to teach your staff valuable skills that can be applied to the workplace. Office Escape works best with 2 to 15 participants.

Office Escape is a mentally-stimulating experience that not only teaches better skills for your team, but life-long lessons too. Allow us to show you what our team building games such as Office Escape can do for your staff. Try “Team Building for Smart People” today.