How to Create a Less Stressful Workplace in 2020

Posted February 5, 2020
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Stress can do lots of damage to both the body and mind. Business owners know how important it is to keep their employees happy. When there’s too much stress in the workplace, it takes its toll on productivity. It also affects the overall health of both the employee and the office environment. After all, when everyone in the office feels like they are doing valuable work, productivity soars. Of course, no matter how innovative and creative the workplace may be, stress is normal. Still, modern workplaces are changing for the better, with flexible schedules and more PTO. But, there is still some space left for innovation and creativity to reduce stress in the workplace.

So, how can business owners achieve a less stressful workplace in 2020? Keep reading to discover some valuable suggestions you can try out for 2020 and beyond.

Try a team-building activity. When was the last time employees engaged with each other at work? Team building activities break up the workday and allow employees to think about the game at hand, rather than usual work stuff. There’s usually laughter involved, which is a sure-fire way to reduce stress. One of the great things about team building activities is how memorable they are. The feeling of comradery and good times’ sticks with employees long after the game is over. Injecting team-building events into the workplace increases healthy employee engagement.

Encourage wellness in the workplace. Exercising and living a healthier lifestyle are beneficial ways to reduce stress at work and home. Suggest that employees go on a walk during breaks, provide healthy snacks in the office and break rooms, and offer gym membership discounts. When employees exercise, it can help take their minds off of the stresses of work. Plus, the production of serotonin increases, which can improve and elevate moods.

Renovate the workspace. When was the last time the office had a makeover? Change is good, and simple things like getting rid of cubicle walls can positively affect how employees engage with each other. Plus, the days of feeling like your stuck in a cubicle are so last century. How about adding a splash of color to the office? You can always update the office colors to something a bit more upbeat than gray, right? Try adding some indoor plants — they’ve been known to relieve stress and anxiety levels, while also adding a dose of beauty. Cactus, fern, and succulents are relatively easy to care for and an excellent choice for office spaces.

Incorporate flexible hours and remote work. Freedom is an excellent thing for moral, and so is confidence. As long as the work is getting done, why not let those workers have a flexible schedule? Stop being a clock watcher and get rid of the timeclock. An employee’s job is defined by the quality and timeliness of their work, not by whether they remembered to clock in and out on time. Do you need to babysit your employees? Show them that you trust them. Allow for remote work if possible; it instills a dose of confidence in your employees.

Keep an open-door policy. Be the boss that people can come to if they need to. Employees want to feel like they’re a big part of the team. When you’re reachable, employees feel like they can talk to you about concerns. You might even hear some suggestions that can improve the workplace.

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