The Benefits of Having Your Boss Kidnapped

Posted August 19, 2014

Ever wonder what would happen if the person in charge was taken under ransom? What sort of chaos would result in the workplace? Would the whole team band together in united fervor? Would you rise to the top as a renegade leader? Our SPYGAME adventure package will reveal all those answers and more. While ultimately a terrifying thought (not that you’ve thought about it), here are some possible advantages to having your boss kidnapped:

– NO ONE will notice that you’re late to work that day, and there is no one to enforce the dress code. While it may be alarming at first, you’ll have the opportunity to think fast in exactly the pair of pants you want to.

– DON’T excel in Excel? Who needs a spreadsheet to find a missing person! Shut down the power points and let your superior creative skills shine outside the daily task managing applications.

– REALLY get to know all sides of the people you work with. Nothing brings out stories better than a shared crisis situation.

– DISCOVER all the secret candy stashes hidden in the boss’ office. You’ve been waiting all this time, you know it’s there…and while you’re there, enjoy the corner office views! One must recharge before setting out upon a rescue mission, after all.

– YOU will have the opportunity to rise above the masses or band them together to rescue your missing leader. While some may celebrate the anarchic upheaval, imagine the splendor of putting right a wrong that’s been done. Your boss’ imminent rescue thanks to your supreme delegation is sure to promise a shower of accolades, possibly even promotions. Imagine the heroic handshake you’ll deliver when the job’s been done.