Team Building Activity “Street Smarts” is Good for the Soul

Posted December 14, 2016

Team Building Activities Such as “Street Smarts” is Good tor the Soul


StreetSmarts is an interactive, high-energy game that is hosted throughout the city. During this team building activity, teas compete against each other in a series of challenges and stunts. Those participating will build comradery within their group, practice competition and hone in on their strategic thinking and creativity skills. With StreetSmarts, your team can cut loose and win big in your particular city.

More about StreetSmarts

The team building game starts with gathering teams. Challenges range from ridiculous stunts to make sure that team players become a spectacle or just straightforward tasks. The two teams face off to complete each challenge and to win the most points. Every task or stunt is captured on camera so that your teams can remember this memorable and rewarding experience for months to come. After the teams have completed all of their challenges, the host or Game Keeper leads them to their final high-risk challenge. The teams will be faced with the option of risking everything or playing it safe. The final challenge will determine who wins the game.

With StreetSmarts, communication is tested the most, which is an important skill for your team to learn. Time management also is another task that is taught during this activity, which can help make sure that the tasks in the workplace are managed more effectively after this game. StreetSmarts has your team working together to meet the demands of the task at hand similar to that of daily life in your workplace. They work on collaborating while under pressure for a common goal – of getting the job done right.

StreetSmarts takes about two hours and accommodate up to 20 participants. There is some light walking involved. The team building game is fully customizable to skills that you would like your team to practice. Ultimately, the success of any team starts with strong leadership skills. As a leader, by implementing team building games and activities such as StreetSmarts, you are allowing your team to succeed that much more.

AdVentureGames is well versed in tailoring tasks and challenges that can benefit your staff and the skills you would like them to hone in on or to learn.

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