Executive Challenge Team Building improves Team Work

Posted December 3, 2016

Executive Challenge Team Building Activity Teaches Valuable Skills That Help Improve Team Work

It’s no secret that team building games and activities teach value real-life lessons that can be applied to the workplace. Executive Challenge is one such team building game that encourages your staff to strategize the best way to get from challenge to challenge.

The activity is set in an urban setting that puts teams against one another to complete both mental and physical challenges. This team building game will test business savvy, tech knowledge, people skills, communication and creativity, just to name a few skills. This activity is a great way to break the ice with new staff or to build team cohesion.

During the game, the teams will download a course map to their smartphones and strategize the best way to get from challenge to challenge. This will allow them to maximize efficiency and to earn the most points. This lesson could prove to be valuable in the workplace too as team members work together to decide what order to complete tasks to get everything done by their deadline.

When a team arrives at a challenge site, a challenger from the Adventure Games, Inc. staff will announce the task. This can be fully customized to the needs of your teams. The real value in this game is the curve ball we throw at teams adding other challenges to earn more points. These surprise challenges will help teams make smart decisions on their feet, a powerful lesson to learn.

After the teams have completed all of their challenges, a Game Keeper presents them with one more final challenge. They must decide whether they want to risk everything they have earned on this challenge or to play it safe.

Executive Challenge focuses on interpersonal communication, planning, time-management and creativity all in a pressurized yet fun atmosphere. To learn more about our team building games or to schedule a team building activity for your staff, call us at 760-444-0515.