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If you know anything about California, you know it is a hub for all kinds of business, one being the investment capital of the western United States. PAAMCO is such a firm – specializing in a methodical approach to managing your investment portfolio as well as a focus on emerging market investment in Mexico, Colombia and Turkey.
As you can imagine, the financial industry work long hours, so being integrated as part of a well oiled machine is integral to success. Thankfully, they called AdVenture Games Inc to help them with their two team HR needs and we were delighted to help.
On July 21st, PAAMCO weren’t just knocking it out of the park with their investment strategies, they were racing across town from Irving to Balboa Island to Newport for SpyGame.
Check out the pictures below and look up PAAMCO if you have investment questions. Thanks everyone for a truly amazing experience, we hope you had as much fun as we did.
paamco-300x225 adventure games team building
kidnappingthebosspaamco-300x169 adventure games team building
paamcoagent1-225x300 adventure games team building
paamcolocationgig-300x300 adventure games team building
debriefpaamco-225x300 adventure games team building
briefingpaamco-300x225 adventure games team building
behind-the-scenes-paamco-300x225 adventure games team building