Inspired by Music? AdVenture Games brings you ‘Making the Band’

Posted November 22, 2016

How Music Makes Your Staff Feel Inspired

Finding innovative ways to bring your staff together to work more streamlined is

important. AdVenture Games Team Building offers a variety of team building activities

designed to make your staff more productive, communicative and efficient. Making of

the Band is one activity, a musical competition that stars your staff. Part talent based

and part improve comedy; this team building activity builds team camaraderie, creativity,

strategic thinking and much more.

How Making of the Band Works

The show begins with the host taking the stage and introducing a crew of has-been

musicians. The group is divided into teams or bands. Each band must elect a band

manager who leads the group. The band must create a choreographed routine together

to impress the judges. All of the bands perform their routines. After each act, the judges

weigh in and give feedback. However, it is the audience that decides who was the best

“band” (team).

The host brings out the 3 finalist bands and announces the winner. The winning number

gets to perform an additional number for the crowd.

What Making of the Band Teaches Your Staff

Ultimately, this team building game proves that music makes people feel better. It

concentrates on teamwork skills and strategic planning. Natural leaders are born during

this game as they will take charge and organize their team. Members of each team

determine each person’s strengths and weaknesses, which is an important skill to have

in the workplace too. This allows them hands-on experience for public presentations

and learning that their team has their back at all times.

The game takes three to four hours and can accommodate large groups. It is fully

customizable so that you can focus on skills you want your team to hone in on. Overall,

team building activities such as Making of the Band help teach your staff how to work

together seamlessly while learning each other. Try it for yourself today!