Get Ready to Rock Your Way to the Top!

Meet your motley crew of infamous has-been musicians: Think former disco diva, 80s metal-head burnout, former child pop star—each with just the right, hilariously desperate backstory to lock them in as perfect competition judges.

MAKING OF THE BAND is a high-energy, professionally-produced musical competition show starring your team. Part American Idol, part improvisational comedy, this reality TV-inspired experience will provide an unforgettable onsite team building experience.

Team Benefits

MAKING OF THE BAND allows your team to show off their talents in a live performance show, transforming an ordinary meeting into an event that builds camaraderie and creates lasting memories. Engaged skills include:

Presentation skills

Remarkable showmanship

Kick-jumping outside the box

Outrageous choreography

Team camaraderie


The Rehearsals

Each band selects a Band in a Bag at random. These bags contain everything needed to prepare for a killer performance.  Bands are given a set amount of time to rehearse. During this time they will:

  • Choreograph their lip-synched routine
  • Write a backstory on how their band was formed
  • Visit the costume shop (aka Green Room) to be properly outfitted by the judges

The Big (hair) Show!

With each band in full costume, the Host and crew of judges starts the show. Bands are called to the stage while the Host announces their hilarious backstory.  Now it’s time to give the performance of a lifetime. After each band, the judges weigh in with comments and “professional” advice.  Rest assured, the judges’ far-out feedback and hilarious antics will have the crowd rolling in the aisles.

And the winner is…

The top 3 bands are selected by the judges. These bands reprise their epic performances and inspire the final vote by audience. The band with the highest number of audience votes is crowned the Makers of the Band!

Our show-stage format encourages your team to not just let their big-hair down, but to release their inhibitions and rock out!

Are you ready to rock?!

  • TIME: 3 – 4 Hours
  • # OF PARTICIPANTS: 50 – 200
  • CHARITY COMPONENT: Easily Integrated