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Making of the Band is a high-energy, professionally produced musical competition show starring your guests. Part American Idol, part improvisational comedy, this reality TV-ready experience builds team camaraderie, strategic thinking, and creativity like no other. Get ready to rock your way to the top!

How does it work?RockersOnStage-300x300 adventure games team building

The show begins when our fabulous host takes the stage and introduces a motley crew of infamous has-been musicians. Think former disco diva, 80s metal-head burnout, former child popstar, each with just the right desperate backstory to make him or her the perfect judge for the evening’s competition.

Next, the group divides into teams, or “bands.” Each band elects a Band Manager, who fetches the team’s “band in a bag.” Each bag contains an old-school stereo and a music CD and lyric sheets, which reveal the song the group must master. The bands prove their dedication to the art of performance by coming up with a choreographed, lip-synched routine (as well as writing a back story for their band) to impress the judges and try to become the next Making of the Band champion.

And now the Big Show!

After the allotted time is up, all of the bands settle into the theater as the Host rolls out The Big Show. One by one, each band is escorted backstage to get dressed in full, genre-appropriate costumes. The band then takes the stage for the performance of a lifetime.

Following each act, the judges weigh in with their comments and “professional” advice. Rest assured, the judges far-out feedback and inappropriate antics will have the crowd rolling in the aisles.

But the judges’ opinions only go so far. As with the popular competition shows Making of the Band riffs off of, it’s the audience that ultimately decides who the best band is. Audience members are able to cast their votes from their cell phones and view the results in real time. The same technology allows the audience to comment via text on the performances as they unfold. Projectors and screens that broadcast this hilarious, anonymous commentary add another layer of high-technology excitement to the event.

BandOnStage-300x300 adventure games team buildingThe Big Show has the look and feel of a professionally-produced live music event. The lighting, audio, and video are top-notch, and our hilarious, charming Host and supporting stage crew keep things flowing smoothly. Participants will truly feel as if they’ve just competed in an arena-ready musical event.

And the winner is…

Finally, the Host brings up the 3 finalist bands to the stage and announces the winner. The winning band gets to perform an additional number—a reprise of their “hit” song!


Making of the Band engages participants’ strategic planning and teamwork skills in a fun, engaging atmosphere. Participants must employ strategy as they determine each player’s strengths and weaknesses on the rehearsal floor. And they get hands-on experience with public presentations during The Big Show!

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GAMES-SPECS-ON adventure games team building

  • TIME: 3 – 4 Hours
  • # OF PARTICIPANTS: 50 – 500+
  • CHARITY COMPONENT: Easily Integrated

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