Incorporating Team Building Activities Into Your Annual Holiday Party

Posted December 3, 2017

Incorporating Team Building Activities Into Your Annual Holiday Party

Tis the season for the annual holiday company party. This time is a not only used to celebrate, but to highlight accomplishments by your staff over the course of the year. What better then to incorporate a team building activity into this party? Team building games have been proven to increase performance levels, improve productivity and to boost morale. At AdVenture Games Team Building, we offer a variety of team building activities to choose from, for a wide range of participants.

One great team building activity choice for a small business is known as Office Escape. This is the world’s first escape room to come directly to your meeting room. Simply tell your staff to meet somewhere at a designated time and when they arrive, they will learn they have 60 minutes to solve puzzles and crack codes during this lock in challenge. This team building game teaches teamwork, communication, problem-solving and strategic thinking. This game is for 2-15 participants at a time. After your staff completes this challenge, they can eat, drink and be merry!

For a team building experience that takes a bit more time (two hours), try Win Itin A Minute. This activity has teams of contestants facing off in a fast-paced game show. During the game they compete in challenges that must be done in just one minute. This game tests their ability to think on their feet, their creativity and their overall strategic thinking.

Your staff is broken up into teams and compete in 10 rounds earning points along the way. Challenges can include precision, balance, etc. At the end of the rounds, the points are tallied, and the top teams move on to the big show. During this big show, only one participant competes (the team chooses) and after each round, a team is eliminated until the winning team remains. This team building game accommodates 20 to 500 participants, so it is great for small and big businesses alike. What many businesses have enjoyed about this game is that it is customizable, so our staff can create an experience that addresses specifics that you want your staff to work on the most.

So, there you have it! Create a fun, smart and productive activity that adds to the already fun annual holiday party. The success of a team starts with a strong core leadership front. This leadership is dedicated to success and that is exactly what team building sets your staff up to be, successful. Savvy managers like you are always looking for a way to gain a competitive edge on your competition. Team building activities are the answers! We offer a one of a kind team building experience that takes the smart approach to team building (our mission). Our games are strategic and thought provoking, which force your team members to engage with one in other to solve problems, a real-time experience that they do daily.

As you’re planning this year’s annual shindig, why not contact AdVenture Games Team Building to add in a team building activity this year? They can customize an experience that will fit your company and the issues and/or concerns you have and want to have addressed. Let’s get started! Ultimately, when you’re looking to plan your next team building activity, whether for this holiday season or onward, call our professional team at AdVenture Games Team Building. What are you waiting for?