How Your Team Can Benefit from Escape Room Team Building

Posted October 25, 2019

Employees can benefit from a variety of team building activities. By now, you’ve probably read all about escape rooms. The popularity of these escape room games has grown substantially over the last few years. It’s easy to see why. After all, the concept offers many benefits for your employees. These escape room games provide more than an opportunity for employees to get out of the office — they bring employees together to create a team and complete a mission. However, trying to escape the room also means that the team members have to communicate well. Teammates have to learn to trust each other. Everyone on the team has different roles to fill, and everyone needs to work together to reach a common goal — to escape a room they can’t get out of! Can your team develop the right plan and find their escape?

Sounds fun, right? Well, it is. And, to escape, it’s going to take some intense problem-solving and lots of teamwork. We’ve all heard the word, synergy. It happens when there’s an interaction between two or more organizations to produce a greater effect than the sum of their separate effects. Whether we’re talking about a sports team, marketing team or management team, the right synergy produces positive results. And, with escape room team building activities, these teams are applying the science of synergy to great effect.

While trying to find an escape, relationships are made and solidified. After all, these escape room games are on a timer, and your team is racing against the clock. So, since teamwork is critical to success, one that works well together can achieve anything.

Escape Room Team Building is Mentally Stimulating

Thinking as a team is critical to finding your way out. Determining a common goal helps get everyone on board to focus on that goal. But, let’s face it, not everyone is on the same page. During these escape room activities, managers can assess the strengths and weaknesses of individual teammates. There is going to be lots of interpersonal communication happening too because people need to be willing to collaborate under pressure. Since the clock is ticking, this activity is going to bring about some swift problem-solving. How is the team going to escape in less than 60 minutes? With some engaged, creative thought and time-management skills, that’s how!

This team-building activity is one of the best interactive workshops. If you’re looking for ways to get your employees engaged, try an escape room activity, like AdVenture Games Office Escape. Teammates will have to discuss and collaborate. You can play this game with as little as two people and as many as 200 participants. Can you imagine having 200 people trapped in an office trying to escape? Now that’s a challenge. No matter how many participants are involved, Office Escape is sure to provide valuable lessons on how to better communicate with the help of teamwork.

When the game is over, there’s a rush of positive energy! Expect to hear lots of chatter as employees reflect on their experience. Team building activities like Office Escape are sure to bring employees and management teams closer together.

In short, if you’re an employer looking for a way to assess your employees, escape room games are a great way to grow employee skills and engage them. Games aren’t just beneficial for kids. In fact, using games as an educational tool leads to opportunities for deeper learning and growth.

Ready to try Office Escape? Contact AdVenture Games Inc. and get started on a fun, team-building adventure!