Get Your Game Face On!

Teams get out of their comfort zones and go head-to-head in this series of hilarious stunts and challenges. And hey, it’s not easy—they’ve only got one minute!

MINUTE WARS  is based on NBC’s classic fast-paced game show, Minute to Win it. Led by a professional Host and Game Referees, teams must think on their feet and work together creatively and strategically to pull off these high-pressure hijinks.

Team Benefits

MINUTE WARS is the perfect way to add a fun, energetic highlight to any meeting. This challenge also works great as an onsite team building solution. This friendly team competition creates lasting memories that are chock-full of:

Communication skills

Quick decision-making


Team camaraderie

Risk management

Hand-eye coordination

Funny bone!

It’s Showtime!

Teams compete in a spectacular show of several rounds of play. Each team puts forth a player for each round to showcase their skills. Points are awarded based on how accurately and quickly the participants complete each challenge.

Our MINUTE WARS challenges are not your standard office party games. Our challenges are stage quality feats of balance, focus, and precision. Our challenges inspire the willingness to let go of fear and inhibitions in exchange for belly-laughing good times!

If you are ready for a hysterical, riotous, entertaining, gut-busting, knee-slapping good time—then you’re ready for Minute Wars.

Let the good times roll!

  • TIME: 2 Hours
  • # OF PARTICIPANTS: 20 – 500+
  • PHYSICAL NEEDS: Varies By Game
  • CHARITY COMPONENT: Easily Integrated