Tips for Motivating Daily Team Building in the Office

Posted June 16, 2017

Tips for Motivating Daily Team Building in the Office

It happens – your staff is dragging their feet or simply feeling uninspired. As an owner or manager of a business, it is up to you to consistently motivated. Many believe that motivation doesn’t last, that’s why it’s important to continue it every day in your office. Motivated staffs improve quality, service and productivity. You will also create an environment that allows your staff to feel empowered and focused – a win-win for you.

Take Time to Assess Your Team

Determine what motivates your staff. Offer them a survey, have brainstorm sessions or just conduct informal conversations with them to field helpful information.


Open communication allows you to inform your staff on how their work is impacting the business. This can be done with formal meetings, one-on-meeting with employees or peer to peer communication.


To build a positive work environment, it’s important for empowerment to exist in your office. This can be done by having a manager of the day, changing people’s responsibilities each week to keep things interesting or even just taking turns chairing meetings. If your staff feels invested in the process, they are more likely to want to do an excellent job every day they’re at work.

Encourage Team Bonding

Employees who like who they work with will feel more satisfied overall with their job. Bonding incites communication, which will lead to greater productivity too. Team building allows for your staff to work together in new, unique ways. The more that your team gets to know one another, the more they can trust each other and work better together too.

Have Fun

Team building activities and games from AdVenture Games, Inc. can motivate your staff. Choose the type of activity you want to engage in and allow us to create a personalized experience that is tailored to things you want addressed.

It’s important to show your team that they are valued even Forbes mentions this is one of the top influencers in employee retention. Being valued has been shown to directly affected how productive an employee is. Ultimately, the more you value your team, the better they will perform for you. It’s that simple. Remember that not every team building exercise must relate to work. It’s important to have some that aren’t linked at all and are a way for staff members to spend some time together and de-stress. This requires getting out of the office for a change in environment.

Another effective way to unite your staff is to give everyone a chance to be involved. Team building activities help every individual to see how needed they are in your staff. When you invest in training your team, you are recognizing that they are the fuel of your company. Team building is one way to demonstrate your commitment to your staff.

Don’t allow team building to be a one-time thing. That simply isn’t enough. Plan team building events regularly and engage in something team building motivated once a day. Maintaining this spirit doesn’t have to be difficult, it can include offer rewards to those that perform well consistently or giving your team more responsibility.

These simple ways of empowering your team will help to create an environment full of satisfied and motivated employees who perform well each day. Good luck!