Spring Cleaning the Office: Freshen Up the Workplace

Posted March 16, 2020
happy office team

Spring has sprung! For many households, it means it’s time to open up the windows, start dusting, organizing, and cleaning up — the same rings true for the office. And while spring cleaning the office doesn’t exactly fire up employees, doing so can affect productivity. Bring spring cleaning to the office and freshen up the workplace. And if it’s in the budget, it’s also a great time to consider doing an office makeover.

Healthy Workspace: Liven up the Mood

Everyone wants to work in a healthy workplace. This is especially true when you’re spending so much time sitting in one place for hours on end. Wellness in the workplace is vital — it can promote both physical and mental well-being. Small changes can make the most significant difference, so while it can feel like a chore, it’s a great way to inspire the office.

Let’s face it, when we’re shuffling paper around, it’s easy to build up clutter. And when the office is cluttered, it can also affect the air quality in the office. Organization leaders should focus on cleaning the indoor air quality and creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Doing so can promote and protect the health of the employees. Here are some tips to help purify the air and to create a healthier office atmosphere.

Air quality. Let’s start with the air in the office. Studies have shown that offices with increased air ventilation and reduced levels of air pollutants have better levels of employee performance. If you can open up the windows, do it, primarily if you work in an area where there are plenty of sunny days, like San Diego! Fresh air is ideal, and so are real live plants. Consider bringing in some indoor plants to liven up the office. Plus, bringing nature into the workplace can help improve air quality and wellness. Plants can elevate the mood of even the grumpiest employee!

Go natural! Well, not too natural, but how about opting for natural light instead? If you can’t go the route of letting in natural light, try LED lighting and using quality fixtures that help reduce glare and shadows. Bad lighting can lead to bad moods. If your office is still using outdated lighting that feels like it sucks the soul, consider an upgrade to modern lighting systems. Upgrades include systems with reduced flicker, increased light output, and improved color — all things that can help improve the mood in the office.

Organize! Benjamin Franklin once said that “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” Those are good words to live by at the office and home. Consider this. Your co-workers and management teams may be judging you by how clean or dirty you keep your workspace. So if you’re a manager, spring cleaning means organized desks and work areas. An organized office can help your employees be more efficient and productive. In essence, employees won’t be wasting so much time fumbling through a stack of papers! Leave a good impression. Clean and organize the office.

Move desks around. Change can be a good thing, so consider moving desks around. It might make some employees nervous, but after a while, they’ll get used to a new environment. Newness can be inspiring, so this can be an excellent way to inject some new creative thoughts into the marketing and graphics departments, too.

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