Unforgettable Salem Team Building Activities

Team-Pic-21-300x300 adventure games team buildingIf your Salem, OR business seems to be stuck with little movement and your staff can’t seem to find their way to become a team, AdVenture Games, Inc. can help you make changes. We can work with you to get the results you need bringing your team together and giving them the confidence in each other to make a success of your business. Team building games can be a great way to get everyone moving forward. Since 2005 we have been helping businesses in all industries to harness the power that a solid team can produce. Taking your business and team to the next level can be done with fun and exciting team building games created specifically to address your needs.

No matter where your meetings may take you in Salem, we’ve got the perfect team building solution for you

At AdVenture Games, Inc. your team can choose which activities to conquer first. They may be involved in a treasure hunt throughout Battle Creek Park or Englewood Park or they could be rescuing the boss from a hostage situation or a kidnapping. These tasks allow the team to utilize communication skills, trust exercises, strategy play and delegation. Through the different types of activities, the team will learn more about each other, everyone’s strengths. This allows them to put each team member where they are stronger creating a stronger team overall. You can find out a great deal about your team through these activities allowing you to see how they interact with each other and where you can best place them in the business to do the best.


You can get some excellent results with the use of AdVenture Games, Inc. tools for your Salem, OR team. In addition to being a skill building game, the team will also find themselves enjoying the company of each other and the excitement of the games themselves. Excellent results are just as easy as working with your staff to build a solid business. They will look forward to the adventures ahead and you may find this is a great way to revitalize your staff on a regular basis. Don’t wait to bring your business to the next level. Contact us to get started today! We can’t wait to show you how strong your team really is.


Choose the perfect team building activity for your team!

STRATEGY-OFF adventure games team buildingSTRATEGY-ON adventure games team building

CREATIVE-OFF adventure games team buildingCREATIVE-ON adventure games team building

Puzzles-off2 adventure games team buildingPuzzles-on2 adventure games team building

ACTIVE-OFF adventure games team buildingACTIVE-ON adventure games team building

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