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Team building continues to be a useful tool in maintaining member commitment and extinguishing poor time management and performance results. AdVenture Games uses high tech strategic adventures that can be custom designed for any New York City landmark. Imagine New York City team building activities where your team is motivated to be not only more competitive but also operate in unison.

Solving Corporate Conundrums With Team Building Activities in NYC

New Yorkers don’t say “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” for no reason. NYC has been a thriving metropolis for the last few centuries and it’s home to some of the world’s most successful finance, tech and entertainment empires. Customers have more solutions at their fingertips than ever before, making it more important than ever to build and retain teams who can strategize and execute more effectively than your competitors. With employee turnover being so costly from the hiring, training and loss of time at full productivity combined with employees having so many options, it’s the perfect time for team building activities in NYC to maintain your edge.

That’s where Adventure Games comes in to solve your employee retention problem and handle all of your team building needs. A recent Forbes article echoes what any HR professional or executive worth their salt has known for years: employees are much more likely to stay at their job if they have a best friend at work. So, why not use our unique approach to team building to ensure your staff form new friendships?  It’s worked for Facebook, Google, HP and dozens of other Fortune 500 companies.  Let our one-of-a-kind games and experienced facilitators create an experience that is sure to create cohesion, form new relationships amongst employees and increase organizational productivity.

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Team Building in the Big Apple: Adventure Games Challenge

If you’re looking for a breakout year it’s going to require more than just effective strategy. It’s going to take a little bit of creativity to work your way to the head of the pack in your industry. That’s why the Adventure Games Challenge is the perfect fit for your team building activities in NYC. The game is built from a menu of classics like scavenger hunts or shooting a commercial – but with a twist. This delightful medley of creativity and strategy with a pinch of friendly competition has been a hit over and over again and is a sure fire way to get your team talking, laughing and thinking outside of the box.

Team building activities in NYC can be used for more than just employee retention, they can also help decrease stress. A recent study verified the connection between increased stress and decreased organizational productivity. Stress creates interoffice conflicts, reduces focus on tasks and increases employee turnover. So, giving your team the chance to collectively cut loose once per quarter can be an important part of optimizing productivity within your organization.

To further emphasize the benefits, a recent Forbes piece focuses on the connection between an organization’s employees’ creativity and overall success. Companies exist in both an economic and social context that is constantly changing. The challenges that customers and organizations alike are facing are changing just as much. It takes a creative, strategic workforce to adapt to these perpetually shifting circumstances and keep your company ahead of the competition. You’ve got important deadlines to meet, milestones to reach and revenue goals to achieve, so, why not turn your next company meeting into a launch pad for your company’s next big idea?

Escape the Ordinary: Office Escape for Indoor Team Building in NYC’s Colder Months:

Companies are all wildly different but they share a couple of things in common:

1. They require effective, well executed strategy to succeed in such a competitive space and

2. They all have offices. Our Office Escape game is the perfect indoor game for team building activities in NYC during those frigid east coast winters where outdoor team building activities are very literally put on ice.

So, until spring returns and Central Park isn’t covered in snow, stop your staff from getting cabin fever by implementing a team building exercise with proven results that’s also a good time.

 In this escape room style game employees are lured into what they believe to be a one hour seminar in a conference room only to learn that they’ve been trapped and must strategize collectively to escape. Once the clock has started the team must work together to solve dozens of puzzles to get themselves out of the conference room. With different puzzles requiring different skills, employees must communicate amongst themselves to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This time-sensitive collaboration is sure to improve interoffice cooperation and increase productivity by revealing the hidden potential of every company’s greatest asset: human capital.

City Surprises: Extra Adventures in the Big Apple

NYC has a dizzying amount of options for accommodations, activities, dining, museums and nightlife. Whether your organization is local or you’re making a destination of the big apple, knowing where to go and what to do with your team is crucial. We’re here to help you take out the guesswork and fill your itinerary with places guaranteed to win brownie points with your team. Here are a few of our favorites:

Where to Eat – If you’re looking for a true hidden gem of a New York experience then we’d suggest Tiny’s & The Bar Upstairs. Nestled in a gorgeous townhouse in Tribeca, Tiny’s has a menu packed with delicious classics prepared with their own unique flair.

Where to Stay – Refinery New York is a gorgeous modern space with exceptional service, comfortable beds and a rooftop cocktail lounge with panoramic views of the Big Apple. You want to ensure your team is well rested so you’re all energized and ready to tackle your challenges.  Refinery is a perfect place to lay your heads and prepare for those back-to-back meetings. 

Where to Play – There are few places on the planet as unique as New York City. Narrowing it down to one recommendation isn’t easy but we felt that we needed to offer an option as unique as the city itself. Unarthodox is exactly that. From sculpting without sight and painting a mural to improv games and immersive art experiences, you’ll wow your staff with an afternoon at Unarthodox.

Choose the perfect team building activity for your team!

Office Escape

Office Escape

AdVenture Games Challenge Live

AdVenture Games Challenge



“The entire Adventure Games team went above and beyond in putting together a team-building experience to remember! It was delightfully fun, creative, and whimsical, and allowed everyone to shed their everyday “work” personas to laugh and create something together in a lighthearted, but competitive environment. Set up on our end was minimal, but the payoff was immense! Thanks for everything!”
“It was one of the most exciting & cryptic team building events we’ve ever had. Even the most cynical & hard to impress on the team were highly engaged. Thanks to Chad and Adventure Games team for putting together an awesome experience.”
“Our team marketing meeting went from good to great after playing the SpyGame."
“Our team had a great time using the MasterMind team for our team building event! They were fun,entertaining and very professional while being fun! We had a great time and our team builder was a huge success. Thank you!”
Our group had a fantastic time. A lot of them said it was the best activity yet. Thank you for all of your hard work in a very quick time frame. It was a night that a lot of our team members won’t forget!