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Not only is Las Vegas the perfect destination for your team building retreat and corporate meetings, it’s was the perfect location to design AdVenture Games, Inc. In 2006 we were the first exclusive team building company to call Las Vegas home.

Strengthening Companies with Team Building Activities in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is without question one of the most popular corporate meeting destinations in the country. Teams from the smallest startups to those operating Fortune 500 titans work hard by day and play hard by night on the Vegas strip. Whether your team is in town for a conference or mapping out the future of your organization, why not add an extra layer of functionality while you have your team together in one city and in the mood for fun?

Team building activities have been shown to help retain talent and improve organizational communication. But, with an already packed itinerary, meetings galore and extracurricular activities planned – how do you make sure that your team building activities in Las Vegas are a hit with everyone?

That’s where Adventure Games comes in to solve the problem by improving your employee retention and breaking down your communication silos. A recent Gallup piece echoes what any HR professional or executive worth their salt has known for years: employees are much more inclined to retain their position if they have a best friend at work. So, why not leverage our unique approach to team building?  It’s worked for Facebook, Google, HP and dozens of other Fortune 500 companies.

Let our unique offerings and skilled facilitators help your team make some memories that are sure to enhance cohesion, create new friendships amongst employees and augment organizational productivity. They say, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” but when it comes to the benefits of our games – that simply isn’t true. Your team will be reaping the benefits of their stay in Vegas for months to come.

Effective Team Building Activities in Las Vegas

  • Foster innovation sparking collaboration
  • Form interoffice friendships that retain key talent
  • Bolster overall organizational morale.

The Adventure Games Challenge: Reducing Stress and Boosting Creativity

If you’re looking for a breakout year it’s going to require more than just effective strategy. It’s going to take a little bit of creativity to work your way to the head of the pack in your industry. That’s why the Adventure Games Challenge is the perfect fit for your team building activities in Las Vegas. The game is built from a menu of classics like scavenger hunts or shooting a commercial – but with a twist. This delightful medley of creativity and strategy with a pinch of friendly competition has been a hit over and over again and is a sure fire way to get your team talking, laughing and thinking outside of the box.

Team building activities in Las Vegas can be used for more than just employee retention, they can also help decrease stress. A recent study found a direct connection between higher employee stress levels and decreased productivity. So, giving your team the chance to collectively cut loose when you’re in Vegas for your annual or quarterly meeting is an important part of optimizing productivity within your organization’s greatest asset: your team.

The advantages of giving your team a creativity boost don’t stop there. Even the US Chamber of Commerce has been championing the correlation between employee creativity and corporate success. Companies exist in both an economy and society that is always evolving. The challenges that consumers and businesses alike are faced with are changing just as much.

It takes a clever, ingenius workforce to keep scoring wins when the goals posts are constantly shifting. You’ve got milestones to achieve, meetings to organize and financial goals to reach, so, why not turn your next company meeting into a launch pad for your company’s next big idea and make your life a little easier? 

SpyGame – Mystery, Intrigue and Kidnapping Your Boss in Las Vegas

SpyGame is one of our most popular games for good reason. It begins with what appears to be a normal meeting and then the employees turn on the television. On the screen is a video message from their boss who’s been kidnapped by a criminal syndicate. Teams are assembled and your staff must work together to walk around the city and gather intel in order to free their boss.


Then, in the middle of the game – just when the teams think they have a handle on the situation: the teams are alerted to the presence of a mole. Rooting out the mole while continuing to progress towards the goal is a world class lesson in both strategy and trust. 

According to MIT’s Sloan School of Business, employees in high-trust work cultures are more energetic, more efficient and collaborate better with their colleagues. Now, doesn’t that sound like the kind of environment you’d like to foster at your company?  Another recent study uses data to show that employee engagement and collaboration is directly linked to their employers innovating.

Innovation is what you need to get ahead and stay ahead in your industry. This is why SpyGame is the perfect solution for team building in Las Vegas. Who would have thought that in order to increase productivity, bolster organizational trust and strengthen friendships among your staff that all you had to do was kidnap your boss?

City Surprises: Extra Adventures in Las Vegas Beyond Team Building

Las Vegas is built to entertain, wine and dine. The city is filled with options to pack an itinerary– from tantalizing Michelin star cuisine and star-studded musical residencies to dive bars and escape rooms. Choosing from such a wide array to pick the right accommodations, activities and restaurants for your team can be overwhelming. So, let us lend a hand with a few recommendations of our favorite spots in town:

Where to Eat – Las Vegas is one of the premier tourist destinations anywhere on the globe. And let’s just say that isn’t because they’re lacking for delicious places to eat with your team. We’d like to recommend Carson Kitchen. With an ambiance as delicious as the menu, Carson Kitchen is a definite bullseye if you’re aiming to impress your team.

Where to Stay – In Las Vegas we like to stay at The Ahern. With 2 restaurants, 3 bars, on-site entertainment and a convenient location on the strip, you and your team will fall in love with the Ahern’s amenities. With world-class conference rooms your team can enjoy a short commute to their day’s work and have world class food and entertainment just steps away 24 hours a day.

Where to Play – Las Vegas has a dizzying array of activities to choose from. While narrowing it down to one recommendation is difficult, AxeHole Vegas is a fan favorite. Bringing your team together is about creating new experiences and memories, and let’s face it, most of them probably haven’t thrown an axe before.

Choose the perfect team building activity for your team!

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AdVenture Games Challenge Live

AdVenture Games Challenge

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Remote Edition
“The entire Adventure Games team went above and beyond in putting together a team-building experience to remember! It was delightfully fun, creative, and whimsical, and allowed everyone to shed their everyday “work” personas to laugh and create something together in a lighthearted, but competitive environment. Set up on our end was minimal, but the payoff was immense! Thanks for everything!”
“It was one of the most exciting & cryptic team building events we’ve ever had. Even the most cynical & hard to impress on the team were highly engaged. Thanks to Chad and Adventure Games team for putting together an awesome experience.”
“Our team marketing meeting went from good to great after playing the SpyGame."
“Our team had a great time using the MasterMind team for our team building event! They were fun,entertaining and very professional while being fun! We had a great time and our team builder was a huge success. Thank you!”
Our group had a fantastic time. A lot of them said it was the best activity yet. Thank you for all of your hard work in a very quick time frame. It was a night that a lot of our team members won’t forget!