Creative Team Building Games in Missouri

Team building activities are shown to be a more effective method of creating and strengthening a team of employees than seminars and meetings. No matter where you’re located, whether St. Louis, Springfield or Kansas City, we have a business tool for you.

We understand that your team is not like any other team and that you need specifics addressed. Our team of experts works with you to find the weaknesses of your team and address them by targeted game play. We will create games that allow your team to push themselves in the best ways and learn more about each other along the way. We teach them how to use the strengths of each other and strengthen the weaknesses using our creative game play for Missouri team building.

A great game to get started with is the AdVenture Games Challenge. This game puts the team in a race against others to move from one challenge to another with the finish line ahead. The members will need to work together with the best communication skills, leadership, creativity, decision making and strategic planning in order to get to the end first. This is a good way for them to learn to rely upon one another for an end goal.

You might also try the SpyGame in which your team must rescue the boss from kidnappers in a timely fashion. The team will be asked to integrate new team members into the group and will be tasked with using communication skills, creativity, strategic planning and decision making in order to save the day. The end result will need to come from everyone working together with each using their strengths to help the team.

No matter where your meetings may take you in Missouri, we’ve got you covered.

We are ready to help you put your Missouri team back together with some exciting new adventures. Contacting us will help you see all the fun that your team can have while becoming a more productive group. Take the challenge and get started on your next adventure with Missouri team building games by AdVenture Games, Inc. We can’t wait to talk to you and your Jefferson City or Joplin team!