Build Your Smart Team in Chicago

Our goal is to offer unforgettable team building experiences that will have your team digging deep to find and execute strategies that they thought they could never pull off. And what better place to pull them off than in the famous Windy City of Chicago?

No matter if your team building activity is designed for your Chicago-based company, or if you’re planning your next meeting in the Windy City, we will do everything to make sure that your team comes back to work more energized and motived after their team building activity.

If all of these answers are a sounding “Yes!”, then we are more than prepared to assist you with designing the perfect engaging team building activity just for you.

Explore Chicago With a Strategy-Driven Activity

Chicago is deep rooted in sports culture, which you can adapt that with the number of smart team building exercises that AdVenture Games has to offer. You don’t have to love the Bears or the Blackhawks to see how champions work every day; and you definitely won’t need to love anything they had to trudge through once your team takes part in our Camp Basics, AdVenture Games Challenge, National Treasure, or our classic SpyGame team building activities.

Our team building activities are not your typical scavenger hunt.  Each team building exercise AdVenture Games are smart and strategic and can be tailored to your liking. All of them have the advantage of quickly bringing out values of leadership, creative problem solving and physical prowess while providing a fun and challenging experience that you couldn’t ever hope to find at the office. When it’s all over, everyone’s time will have them itching for the next team meeting while bringing home skills that they can wield confidently in the workplace.


Your coworkers will thank you for choosing your team building exercise that AdVenture Games handcrafted for you.  We promise your colleagues will return home like champions.  Contact us at AdVenture Games today and discover how we can help you design a custom game that will elevate your team to the next level.

Choose the perfect team building activity for your team!