Setting the Trends for Team Building in Illinois

One of the shining states in the Midwest, Illinois has a lot to offer for team building, especially when it comes to setting trends for the rest of the nation. There’s history here – John Deere’s inception of the self scouring steel plow allowed the agricultural industry to skyrocket in productivity. When searching for a team building activity, you want to inspire your team shoot for the highest points of their potential.

If you’re looking to set your own team building trend in the workplace, AdVenture Game’s smart Illinois team building exercises will shake the rust off your team and have them executing high tech strategic adventures all across the state. You’ll find that having your next team building event in the Land of Lincoln will bring results that you’ve never imagined.

Motive Your Smart Team

Imagine you and your team playing out a SpyGame team building mission to rescue your superiors all across Chicago. You can improve your smart team building skills with our Executive Challenge in the streets of state capital Springfield, or you can start at a Apprent-Race team building event at one of Illinois’ many historical breweries. You can emphasize your intent to reach to the top while hosting one of our adventures in the Willis Tower, the tallest in the nation. Wherever your interest in Illinois, AdVenture Games strives to transform the typical corporate scavenger hunt into a team building exercise that’s worth remembering.

No matter where your meetings may take you in Illinois, we’ve got you covered.

No matter if the team building activity spans all across the state or if it stays nestled in one of Illinois’ fantastic locales, you’ll know that by the end of it all you’ll have a closer, stronger team than what you left with.