Creative Team Building Games in Hawaii


Is your Honolulu team lacking the teamwork they need to get the job done well? AdVenture Games, Inc. creates top quality tailored Hawaii team building games to improve productivity. Team building activities are typically more effective than seminars and other types of teaching. Your staff will be having a great time while they are learning how to work well together.

We specialize in pinpointing the problem areas with your team and developing team building games in Hawaii that will specifically address your team’s needs. The game we develop will encourage your team to use the skills they are having trouble with such as communication or teamwork in order to play the game.

National Treasure is a good choice for a team that loves the hunt and the adventure of clues. They will find clues that will lead them to the ultimate treasure together. The team will use skills such as communication skills, teamwork, brainstorming, creativity, strategic planning and decision making. This will provide them with the ultimate form of learning how to work together.

Taking the team building to the race is easily done with Executive Challenge. This game provides the team with the opportunity to work from one challenge to another in order to get to the finish line before another team. The process allows them to integrate new team members into the game and also to use communication skills, strategic planning, decision making and brainstorming in order to accomplish each goal.

We look forward to showing you how team building games in Hawaii can change your team’s productivity level. Our experienced team will provide you with information about how you can best help your team succeed. We look forward to hearing from you and getting your Pahala or Hilo team on the road to success!


Choose the perfect team building activity for your team!

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