Creative Team Building Games in Fort Lauderdale

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Whether you’re looking for innovative team building games in Fort Lauderdale to motivate your sales staff or just want to boost overall company morale with executive and front desk staff, AdVenture Games has it all! Our innovative and smart activities were created by smart people for smart business-minded individuals. We take great pride in delivering effective team building games that will encourage staff to work together to find solutions to everyday problems.

Imagine having your boss kidnapped on South Beach in our SpyGame and having to work with team members in order to accomplish tasks to recover them. Our Fort Lauderdale team building activities ensure that your staff uses their own brainpower and creativity in order to successfully complete tasks that have real-life lessons in mind.

Looking for a team building activity that’s a little more exhilarating?

We got you! Our AdVenture Games Challenge has staff members in an Amazing Race-like game working on physical and mental tasks in order to test their people skills, business savvy, creativity and tech knowledge. This is a great team building option for businesses looking to blend existing staff with new team members in your Fort Lauderdale office.


Our activities and games help to improve overall performance and boost the overall spirit of an office. Since 2005, we have offer team building experiences to a variety of types of businesses in nearly every industry. We believe in tailoring a custom experience for each and every business allowing you to work on specific issues and concerns that matter most to you, our customer. Contact our creative and accommodating staff today to create a life-changing team building experience that you and your staff will never forget!

Choose the perfect team building activity for your team!

STRATEGY-OFF adventure games team buildingSTRATEGY-ON adventure games team building

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ACTIVE-OFF adventure games team buildingACTIVE-ON adventure games team building

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