How to praise staff to keep morale high

Posted July 2, 2017

Best Ways to Praise Your Staff to Keep Morale High

Employee morale is defined as job satisfaction or being happy in one’s workplace. However, a positive morale can do more than just make an employee happy, but also more productive. Gallup reports that disengaged employees cost the U.S. $4.83 billion to $605 billion annually in lost productivity. In your company, that may come in lower productivity, higher turnover or just absenteeism.

Raising employee salaries will yes improve their morale, but there are other ways to effectively increase motivation in your workplace. All of these boosters cost you nothing.

Public Recognition

Appreciation matters in any situation. One Glassdoor survey reported that 53% of employees stay at their jobs longer if they are appreciated by their boss. Private recognition works, but public recognition is even better. It creates a positive peer pressure to boost other people’s motivation by encouraging them to do the right things too. Tell everyone they are doing a great job when they are and encourage the entire team to do that for each other too.


Let Your Employees Have a Say

When employees have a say in the direction and/or success of the company, they will want to listen more and implement your plans. Their suggestions will be valuable to your bottom line too. It also helps things run more smoothly when employees feel invested in the business.

Show Your Staff You Value Them

Sending a message that your company values profits over people will dampen employee morale fast. Inc. reports that people who stay with a company that sends that message are more likely to be underperformers overall. While yes growth and profit are important to you, keeping the people who make those things happen happy makes sure that your company continues to grow and be successful. Take time to celebrate birthdays, offer incentives (free lunches) or even just have a simple conversation with employees as you can.

Communicate What You Value as Their Employer

Letting them know regularly about the company’s core values helps them to connect their work to your success. This lets them know that their work has meaning and they are important.

Boost Morale Whenever You Can

Focus on connecting with your staff, letting them know they are appreciated, how much they mean to the company success and lastly, how impactful they are. All of those things in combination will help to boost employee morale. If employees feel valued, they will want to do their work and be productive. It’s that simple!