How Businesses Can Benefit From Age Diversity

Posted February 27, 2020
How Businesses Can Benefit From Age Diversity

Age diversity is an essential part of any business. Today’s workforce includes a diverse range of genders, ethnicities, and generations. In fact, in today’s workforce, there are at least five generations represented. From the Silent Generation to Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z, all these groups are active in the workplace in one way or another. Of course, it’s not always smooth sailing. Each generation has its own set of ideals. However, everyone is working towards a common goal, which is to succeed and have a productive work environment.

If we’re lucky, we get to grow old. Hopefully, we get to be successful and love where we work. The thing is, many older people are choosing to work well past their retirement age. Many factors contribute to this, be it lack of money or just the need to keep working to feel productive. Either way, including age diversity and encouraging it in the workplace is beneficial to any business. Here are some reasons why!

Mixed-age work teams can improve performance and productivity. Everyone in the group has something to say, no matter how young or old they may be. Studies have shown that when older and younger workers work together as a team, complex decision-making tasks get solved quicker. While the younger generation tends to be more technology savvy, the more mature members of the workplace tend to have more traditional business skills. Both sets are advantageous to any successful business.

Reduces employee turnover. If you want to keep the flow going, you need to keep your employees. Loyalty is high in the over 55 age group. The over 55 group tends to stay at their jobs longer than younger employees. Younger employees tend to look beyond where there at in their place in time. Older workers tend to have more skills and more experience, therefore making them an attractive prospect to any business. Keep the mature workers and allow them to influence the younger ones.

Diversity drives innovation. When there is an age difference in the workplace, there are different perspectives, experiences, styles and expectations. These can all add to the strength of the company by incorporating innovation, primarily when it’s managed the right way. To put it simply, the most diverse organizations are typically the most innovative, too.

Foster a broader knowledge base. When organizations have a larger pool of talented individuals, things get done. As stated earlier, the younger crew tends to be on top of the Social Media marketing and technology aspect. At the same time, the older generation knows how to deal with better business practices. Being able to pool from these diverse talents is a great way to improve the organization’s performance.

Inclusion matters. Don’t shut off any of your teammates, no matter how young or old they may be. In an inclusive workplace, the person’s ability to get the work done is more important rather than their age, beliefs, or what they look like. Being able to share wisdom, ideas, and experiences leads to a happier workplace.

Does your company embrace age diversity? Those that fail to understand the importance of age diversity may be creating a workplace without experience and leadership. One of the best ways to include everyone in the company is to take part in AdVenture Games, Inc. team building activities. It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are. Team building activities are sure to build up strong relationships with all age groups. Give it a try and see the positive results!