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This just in: the US Geological Commission is sending out a search party to find a lost treasure. Finding these ancient artifacts is going to take determination, cooperation, and strategy, strategy, strategy. Set in a desert, forest, or other stunning natural landscape, this Garmin GPS-powered team-building experience sets participants off on the quest of a lifetime.

team1-e1411880351161 adventure games team buildingHow does it work?

Upon arriving at the outdoor destination, the Host provides an overview of the game and divides the group into teams. Armed with maps and GPS units, teams collect clues and make their way through the game course, completing a series of challenges and racking up points on their quest to reclaim the lost treasure.

And they’re not alone out there. A site-specific cast of characters, from miners to cowboys, are there to offer clues and offer comic relief—and to accept bribes and cause a little trouble where they can. Let’s just say that some of these individuals might not be so eager to help anyone else locate the valuable prize.

Wilderness-Character1-e1411880498957 adventure games team buildingWe put the wild in wilderness!

Just when the team members think they’ve mastered the terrain, whoosh! Here comes a curve-ball. Along the way, teams will be presented with the opportunity to partake in additional challenges in order to earn additional points. These surprise challenges create classic risk/reward situations, and could be the difference between first and second place. Team members must make smart decisions, weighing the potential gains of a curve-ball challenge against the time, energy, and risk involved.

Whichever team is the first to track down the lost treasure gets to relax and enjoy the spoils, while the other teams search on!


GeoVenture engages participants’ strategic planning and interpersonal communication skills in a fun, high-energy atmosphere. Participants hone their creativity and time-management acumen as they work together to meet the demands of each challenge, and get a real-time lesson in the challenges and benefits of collaborating under pressure. They also receive practical people skills as they work to discern which “locals” to trust, and which to be wary of.

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  • TIME: 3 Hours
  • # OF PARTICIPANTS: 4 – 100
  • PHYSICAL NEEDS: Intermediate Hiking
  • CHARITY COMPONENT: Easily Integrated

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