Perfect for high-level executives and competitive sales teams, our Strategy and Leadership Games are smart, high-energy interactive team building experiences that take place in an urban setting or the great outdoors. We skillfully combine strategy and risk with professional entertainment, sending players on an unexpected journey they will not forget.

Mocking real-life scenarios, each game requires players to strategize and mobilize through a series of assignments leading to an exciting adventure. Players choose the path they want, and, just as in life, their choices decide how well they succeed.

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We abruptly interrupt your meeting to reveal that a “situation” has occurred,
and a high stakes mission is being convened to address it. What follows is an action-packed game of
espionage that blends seamlessly into an urban setting with the use of professional actors. The SpyGame
will test – and build – participants’ skills at strategizing, communicating, and thinking on their feet, as they

race against the clock to rescue a hostage, root out a mole, and take down a notorious crime syndicate.

It’s like a scavenger hunt, with a twist! The AdVenture Games Challenge moves through an urban setting and pits
teams against one another to complete physical and mental challenges. From the practical to the ridiculous,
the AdVenture Games Challenge will test team members’ creativity, strategic planning, and dance moves!
This is a great activity for breaking the ice and building team cohesion.

This just in: the US Geological Commission is sending out a search party to find a lost treasure.
Finding these ancient artifacts is going to take determination, cooperation, and strategy, strategy, strategy.
Set in a desert, forest, or other stunning natural landscape, this Garmin GPS-powered team building
experience sets participants off on the quest of a lifetime.